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Sunday, 7 January 2018

What does 2018 have in store?

Is it just me, Or are the years going faster?

2017 seemed to come and go so fast. Every time I blinked more time had past! 

2017 was a great year for us. As a family we did some traveling and visited some amazing places. I raised money and ran 5K for cancer research, I started my dream job as a dance teacher and I reached 2000 subscribers over on Youtube. Freddie stopped having his dummy, he got his first bike and started school in September. Taylor started his keyboard lessons, He turned 10! in double digits now, and a few weeks before the end of the year he received his performing arts scholarship.

For 2018 there isn't anything i drastically want to do or change, I just want to make the most out of the year and again make some wonderful memories.

This year I want to do more as a family, Sunday is the only day we get to spend altogether. I want to make the most out of it. With Taylor turning 11 this year and going to secondary school in September, I know it won't be long till he will be wanting to go out with friends instead of family days out.

Travelling is another big thing for us this year. We want to show our boys more of world. Again with Taylor starting senior school towards the end of this year, his half terms will be different to Freddie. We don't have anything in particular in mind at the moment but would like to do a variety breaks, Uk and abroad.

Now to make these things above possible, saving on silly things is going to be a must. Take aways.. We have agreed that once a month is acceptable but thats it. Meal planning and online food shopping is also another must. Food planning to only buy what we need and online so i don't walk around the supermarket being enticed to things we won't use or need. This means asos midnight shopping and Primark splurges are also on hold.. I honestly don't need anymore clothes or shoes.. however my name is Serena and I am a shopaholic!! So i can't promise there will be no buys but i will cut down.

As I have been, I want to carry on documenting the things we do as a family. Pictures and videos to look back on are great but I know I need to be more on it. Not so much with the videos, Picking up my vlogging camera is second nature now and clips aren't the things we are short on. Its pictures, I know my blog is the perfect place to share them and will be a lovely way to document them. I hardly have any pictures of the boys and I together. So hopefully with all the family time and travelling we are hoping to do this year I will get more and be able to share them here and Instagram where I'm also laking.

This year I have have decided not to set myself to many goals or new years resolutions. If I'm honest be February Ive forgotten all about them. So this year i only have three.

Drink more, last year I said drink more water but as i said by February I fail. So this year I'm going to say just drink more. So far so good. Im drinking my fruit teas in the morning and evening with water and fruit juice as my day time drinks. I can get board quite quickly so drinking a verity of drinks will work better for me.

Read more books, I love reading but its making the time to do so. I want to start doing what i encourage Taylor to do and what i did as a teenager. Going to bed half an hour earlier, reading and then going to sleep. I think this will also help with sleeping, Some nights i struggle to get to sleep and i know reading makes me feel tired. So its win win.

Lastly get more organised with my Blog. I miss writing but its finding the time and content to share. Hopefully as I'm no longer doing weekly vlogs ill have more time to write during the days and will have more to share.

Thats it.. as i said nothing drastic. We just want to make the most out of the year. Time goes so quick and before i know it ill be a mum of teenagers that are off out and not wanting to be at home with their dad or I. Do you have any plans or goals for 2018? Do you have any holidays booked for this year yet? where are you off to.

I hope you all had a lovely christmas and new year, and heres to 2018!

Thanks for reading
With Love

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