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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Back To A Brunette..

I defiantly made the right decision..! 

A few weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I decided to ring the hair salon and book an appointment to get rid of the blonde hair.  For months I had been complaining about the colour and the extortionate price I was paying to maintain it.

I was paying £100 every 5-6 weeks to have the blonde redone, toned, cut and blow dried. I was never really happy with it and thought to myself why am I wasting the money. Even though I was using decent hair products, and trust me.. I have tried several over the years. My blonde just kept turning orangey! 

A few days before Mr B's party I decided thats it..! I'm going back to the salon and going back to my natural colour. I was nervous I had been blonde for so long.. Six months after having Freddie I wanted a drastic change.

I don't know what it is with me but both times after having my boys I decide to change my hair. Let me know if you did this.. If it wasn't your hair was it something else? 

This meant I had been blonde or partly blonde for nearly 4 years..! I was worried.. after having it blonde for so long would I hate being back to one solid colour?!

Honestly.. I couldn't be happier, I defiantly made the right decision. My hair feels amazing, the best its felt in a long time. It's finally smooth and looks shiny and healthy again. No more of the orangery dry frizzy ends. 

Do you colour your hair.. how often? Do you go to a salon or do it yourself at home? Have you never coloured your hair.. have you always been your natural colour? Couldn't you see yourself as another colour?

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Taylor's New Bed

Its more age appropriate now..

As I said a few weeks back when I shared my recent iMac purchase... We were doing a bit of a re-jig upstairs with all the bedrooms and my office/filming/dressing room.

One of the major changes has definitely got to be Taylor's room.. I wanted to make his bedroom a little more grown up but also try and gain back some space. The bed he had was a high bed with a pull out double bed underneath but was mostly used as a sofa. He had a desk which he didn't have enough room to do his homework at as it had his Xbox on. His wardrobe was packed with clothes, due to not having any draws to spread it all out...basically the room was a mess!

The bed he had really in closed the room, It took up more room them a normal bed and the dark metal frame didn't help either. This was the main reason I wanted to get rid of it and hopefully change the room completely.

I searched well know shops such as Dreams and Benson beds and didn't find anything I liked or for a reasonable price. I then thought i'll look on eBay and Amazon.. Straight away I found a bed that I thought was perfect. It wouldn't just take up less room, it would also brighten the room back up and we could also get rid of other furniture items.

I was right... Its the best decision I could have made. The bed pushes right up to the wall giving him a foot back in space. It also has a desk underneath and a shelving unit that we managed to get all his games, DVDs and books on. We managed to get rid of the old desk and put white chest of draws there instead, what also made the room gain another foot. This then helped with the mayhem in the wardrobe and also gave us a place to put his new keyboard.

Taylor is really happy with his new room, its more relaxing and he has space..! It surprising what a little re-jig can do.. the room looks completely different.

He now has somewhere to sit and do his homework, My old filming chair is also under the bed what pulls out to a single bed for guests but also gives him a place to sit and read, watch a film or play games. His clothes are nicely organised in the draws and some still hanging. He now has an area for him to keep his brush and smellies with a mirror to help him get ready in the mornings. Its perfect..

I'm hoping this room he can grow into and we won't need to change it all around now for a good few years. 

Do you love re organising rooms trying to get the best out of them? how often do you do it?

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