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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

My New Gadget

After months of saving.. I finally had enough to by myself an iMac

Last Sunday my dream become reality... I know its sad but I never thought the day was ever going to come. Since starting my Youtube and Blogging journey I have always wanted to get myself an iMac. I  actually started saving for one around two years ago now... I almost had the correct amount but I ended up changing my mind and bought a MacBook Pro instead. 

I know, I know... but honestly I wouldn't say I made a mistake.. Many perks came from it actually. I was able to edit on iMovie instead of movie maker, It was lighter to take around with me then my old laptop, it was much quicker and it also got me used to how Apple computers works... its completely different to windows. 

After a year and hour I decided to start saving again and this time I was going to get myself the iMac. I suffer with back problems and sitting on the sofa with a laptop on my lap wasn't helping. I wanted to change my filming room/ Dressing room into more of an office and an iMac would make the perfect feature.

I wanted a desk where I could sit and work on a comfy chair and help my aching back... Over the past few weeks we have basically been taking part in changing rooms... Literally! We been moving furniture from one room to another.. building a new bed.. re-organising.. skip and charity shop runs.. you name we've probably done it! 

My office is finally taking shape and as I said Sunday was the day where my eight months of solid saving had paid off, I had enough to get my iMac! 

So far so good... I love it. It works exactly the same as my MacBook Pro.. it was quick and easy to set up, its automatically uploaded iMovie and other programs I have on my MacBook and most of all my back isn't aching while I writing this :) 

I hate to make ups excuses but this maybe part of the reason I have not really written here much lately... by the time I have edited my videos I'm not comfortable enough to write a blog post too. I hope now that I have this new work space with my new computer, my Blog won't take such a back seat.  

*I don't want this post to come across bragging in anyway, I just wanted to share my recent purchase*
*iMac 21.5 inch with Retina 4K display 

Thanks For Reading
With Love 


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