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Friday, 12 May 2017

Helping To Beat Cancer..!

Im Running 5K

This is something I have wanted to do for a few years now but unfortunately I've never got around to applying to take part... So this year as soon as i saw the TV advert it was on my to do list.

My mum is going to be joining me on the 5K Race For Life On Saturday the 8th July, in remembrance of family members and my childhood friend Vicky who we have sadly lost to cancer.

Cancer is a horrible illness and its sad to hear and see other families are still being affected by it. Cancer research is the charity that is first on my list for any donations I can make. Weather thats a £1 in a box in supermarkets, donating clothes and now running can be added to the list. 

I have an online fundraising page where I have set myself a target of £200 to raise for Cancer Research before I run on the 8th of July. If you would like to sponsor me I would really appreciate it, even if its £1 every £ helps - My Fundraising Page

Im really looking forward to it and Im glad my mum decided to keep me company around the track. Mr B, My nan and boys will be there to support us and enjoy the day too. Lets just hope its not going to rain...

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