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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Freddie's First Bike

Once he got it, He was off.!

A few weeks ago Freddie was playing happily in the garden going up and down the paving on his  three wheeled little red trike when i noticed it was getting a bit to small for him. I mentioned it to Mr B who agreed and said it was about time we got him a proper bike.. Sometimes i forget Freddie is four, I still think of him as my baby...

That weekend we decided to pop into Halfords to see what bikes they had in for Freddie's age, height and not forgetting the right price.. 

At first we went for the smallest bikes with the stabilisers that was for ages 3-5 years.. However we thought it wouldn't last him long, he already looked to big on it and his knees where hitting the handle bars.

We then looked at the range for 4-6 years... We took one of the shelf what was a decent price and let him have ago.. He was off! There was myself, Mr B and Taylor  running around the top floor of Halfords after him. 

I was surprised by how many bikes Halfords had at lots of different age ranges and at a range of budget too. We were also lucky to get the last one in a box of the one he liked and we were willing to buy.

Freddie loves his new bike, I think he feels like a big boy.. He enjoys riding around the garden on it alongside Taylor on his bike. We didn't get the same coloured bikes intentionally but they do match which makes Freddie even more happy. 

I have taken Freddie down the beach a few times since purchasing his bike, which he also enjoys. Im hoping that the weather will soon improve so I can take him more often. Not only is it better for him to get a decent ride then in the garden but its also good exercise for me running after him. 

Do your little ones have a bike? are they older or younger then Freddie? What age will you or did you take the stabilisers off?

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  1. I recently acquired a shiny, new, cherry-red bicycle equipped with a rad child seat and a nifty little red pepper bell. This makes me all sorts of happy because cycling is the way to get around urban Japan -- so much more convenient and WAY less annoying than public transit; faster (and more fun) than walking; and come on, people, a red pepper bike bell! What’s not to love? bike rental


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