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Monday, 29 May 2017

1st BBQ Of The Year

Finally A Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend

With it being A bank holiday weekend and the weatherman saying it was going to be nice we decided on Friday night to get a few bits in for a barbie.

Normally when we decide to do a BBQ's its either for a special occasion or invite friends and family to join us. However yesterday it was just the four of us... It was perfect.

Unfortunately its a rear occasion that we just sit and chill in the sun as a family, so I'm glad this weekend we made the most of it.

We didn't do anything fancy or exciting food wise just a few burgers, sausages and BBQ ribs. However it all tasted amazing thanks to the BBQ king Mr B. It also meant he got to cook it all in one go and we could sit together eating in the lovely sunshine.

What did you get up to over this bank holiday weekend? Did you have nice weather? 

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Controversial Parenting Tag

Before I begin I just want to say everyone parents differently... I would never judge anyone on their ways so please don't on mine... After all it is called the CONTROVERSIAL tag!

I have seen quite a few mothers doing this tag recently more so on Youtube then blog posts but my video schedule is full until September.. So I'm doing it here instead.

1. Pro-life or Pro-choice?
pro-choice... every women should have the choice what they put there body though. Even though abortion isn't something I would personally do, I wouldn't judge someone if they had or wanted to.

2. Baby wearing?
I never did baby wearing with either of my boys.. So I don't know if I was to have another if I would try it or not. Both of my boys were great sleepers, I had no problems with them during the day or at night, moving them from Moses baskets to cots to their beds. Therefore I wonder if I did do baby wearing it would be completely different.. would the baby get to used to being carried around by me all day instead of in their pram for naps? Also when the boys napped that was my time to do jobs around the house have a bath etc... how could I do all that if I was baby wearing? I applauded people that do but I would just be worried when it comes to the time that I could no longer do it the baby would end up being clingy. Let me know if you did baby wearing and how did you and baby cope when you no longer done it?

3. Circumcision?
No for me.. just hearing the word makes me shiver. I know some people do it for religious reasons and others for health reasons and I understand that. Its just something I wouldn't do to my children.

4. Adoption?
Hell Yes...! Unfortunately there is so many children in the world that need loving homes and families to live with. I have spoke quite openly about adoption and fostering before and its something I would love to educate myself more in and maybe look into it for the future.

5. Baby piercing?
Not being a mum to a girl I tend not to think about this to much. However I know a lot of people talk about it. I had my ears pierced when I was 3 years old and even though my mum said I kept asking to have them done I don't remember.. What I do remember is having one ear done and running out the shop crying... I don't know how she got me to stop crying and to have the other ear done, but I do have both ears pierced :) I think if I was to have a little girl I don't think it would be something I would do.. It wouldn't be something I would talk to her about unless she asked and I think I would set a age where I would say it would be appropriate from. That way she will know she made the discussion and not me.

6. Breast VS Formula?
Either... surly this breast is best nonsense has got to stop... surely the baby being feed and happy is best. I have done both so its not that I'm against or that I find breast feeding offencive... Its just something my body wasn't able to do, well not for longer then a few weeks anyway.

7. CIO (cry it out) VS other?
Leaving a baby to cry for a few minutes to see if they will settle their self isn't going to hurt them but leaving them for more then that is just something yet again I wouldn't do. Crying is the only way a baby can tell you something is wrong, So surly if the crying carries on there is something that they're  trying to tell you.

8. Smacking?
Taps on the hands or bottom yes... but no harder. Its not something I do now it was more when the boys first started getting around. This was when they became nosey and wanting to touch, eat and play with everything in sight. Sometimes saying no isn't enough especially if something they were doing was dangerous. Now they're both older and they understand the meaning of No and why we're counting to 3 its just something that no longer happens in our house, I don't feel the need for it. My boys know the rules and boundaries and if the don't behave they know they get sent to their room, no treats and items are taken away. (The last one is more for Taylor then Freddie, his still a bit to young to understand that one.)

9. Co-Sleeping?
As I said back in my baby wearing answer I was lucky both of my boys were great sleepers, so I honestly didn't find the need to co-sleep. I understand why people do it, being a mum is tiring and having a baby/child that doesn't sleep makes it more difficult. Occasionally Freddie has got in bed with us during the night or when his ill and he wants a cuddle. However when his asleep I move him back to his bed. I do this for many reasons 1. I don't want him to get into the habit of sleeping in bed with us 2. I worry about squishing him during the night as I'm a fidget and 3. There just isn't enough room. I don't know how people do co-sleeping unless they have a king size bed.

10. Home VS Public VS Private schooling?
As long as a child is educated then yet again what does it matter.. My boys are Privately educated because the schools where we live are unfortunately below average. This maybe down to the number of children they are having to take in because there just isn't enough schools in my area. Home schooling would have been something I would have looked into further if the independent school wasn't near us. However I'm not the brightest of people so they would have been better attending a public school then staying home with me. Public schools are brilliant as long as you have good ones to choose from.. As a country we are lucky enough to have free education not like others.

11. Vaccinations?
Yes.. Yet again like schooling we are lucky enough to have the NHS to provide us with free medical care including vaccinations to protects us form horrible illnesses. I do however like to check and read up on all the information before hand. It just puts my mind at rest and I then know what each jab is for and why its necessary.

12. Medicating children?
Yes, as long as its not over medicated. I myself don't take a lot of medicines I try everything I can before taking something.. EG - Headache, drink a glass of water, close my eyes for 5 minutes, pressure on my temples.. if none of these work I will then take a paracetamol. However with the children I am a bit more willing to medicate. Its very rare my children are ill so normally if they are I can tell and straight away give them something or take them to the doctors.

13. Cloth VS Disposable nappies?
With both of the boys I used disposable nappies. My mum used Terry's (I think that's what they were called) with my brother and I and they were HUGE.. I'm surprised she could find clothing our bums would fit in. However Cloth nappies have come along way since then.. they actually look more like a nappies now. To be honest the thing that puts me off them is the washing side.. I wouldn't really want to put pooie nappies in a place where I wash clothes to be clean.

These are my answers to all the controversial subjects... I would love it if you would leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on the options.

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Freddie's First Bike

Once he got it, He was off.!

A few weeks ago Freddie was playing happily in the garden going up and down the paving on his  three wheeled little red trike when i noticed it was getting a bit to small for him. I mentioned it to Mr B who agreed and said it was about time we got him a proper bike.. Sometimes i forget Freddie is four, I still think of him as my baby...

That weekend we decided to pop into Halfords to see what bikes they had in for Freddie's age, height and not forgetting the right price.. 

At first we went for the smallest bikes with the stabilisers that was for ages 3-5 years.. However we thought it wouldn't last him long, he already looked to big on it and his knees where hitting the handle bars.

We then looked at the range for 4-6 years... We took one of the shelf what was a decent price and let him have ago.. He was off! There was myself, Mr B and Taylor  running around the top floor of Halfords after him. 

I was surprised by how many bikes Halfords had at lots of different age ranges and at a range of budget too. We were also lucky to get the last one in a box of the one he liked and we were willing to buy.

Freddie loves his new bike, I think he feels like a big boy.. He enjoys riding around the garden on it alongside Taylor on his bike. We didn't get the same coloured bikes intentionally but they do match which makes Freddie even more happy. 

I have taken Freddie down the beach a few times since purchasing his bike, which he also enjoys. Im hoping that the weather will soon improve so I can take him more often. Not only is it better for him to get a decent ride then in the garden but its also good exercise for me running after him. 

Do your little ones have a bike? are they older or younger then Freddie? What age will you or did you take the stabilisers off?

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Friday, 12 May 2017

Helping To Beat Cancer..!

Im Running 5K

This is something I have wanted to do for a few years now but unfortunately I've never got around to applying to take part... So this year as soon as i saw the TV advert it was on my to do list.

My mum is going to be joining me on the 5K Race For Life On Saturday the 8th July, in remembrance of family members and my childhood friend Vicky who we have sadly lost to cancer.

Cancer is a horrible illness and its sad to hear and see other families are still being affected by it. Cancer research is the charity that is first on my list for any donations I can make. Weather thats a £1 in a box in supermarkets, donating clothes and now running can be added to the list. 

I have an online fundraising page where I have set myself a target of £200 to raise for Cancer Research before I run on the 8th of July. If you would like to sponsor me I would really appreciate it, even if its £1 every £ helps - My Fundraising Page

Im really looking forward to it and Im glad my mum decided to keep me company around the track. Mr B, My nan and boys will be there to support us and enjoy the day too. Lets just hope its not going to rain...

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

My New Gadget

After months of saving.. I finally had enough to by myself an iMac

Last Sunday my dream become reality... I know its sad but I never thought the day was ever going to come. Since starting my Youtube and Blogging journey I have always wanted to get myself an iMac. I  actually started saving for one around two years ago now... I almost had the correct amount but I ended up changing my mind and bought a MacBook Pro instead. 

I know, I know... but honestly I wouldn't say I made a mistake.. Many perks came from it actually. I was able to edit on iMovie instead of movie maker, It was lighter to take around with me then my old laptop, it was much quicker and it also got me used to how Apple computers works... its completely different to windows. 

After a year and hour I decided to start saving again and this time I was going to get myself the iMac. I suffer with back problems and sitting on the sofa with a laptop on my lap wasn't helping. I wanted to change my filming room/ Dressing room into more of an office and an iMac would make the perfect feature.

I wanted a desk where I could sit and work on a comfy chair and help my aching back... Over the past few weeks we have basically been taking part in changing rooms... Literally! We been moving furniture from one room to another.. building a new bed.. re-organising.. skip and charity shop runs.. you name we've probably done it! 

My office is finally taking shape and as I said Sunday was the day where my eight months of solid saving had paid off, I had enough to get my iMac! 

So far so good... I love it. It works exactly the same as my MacBook Pro.. it was quick and easy to set up, its automatically uploaded iMovie and other programs I have on my MacBook and most of all my back isn't aching while I writing this :) 

I hate to make ups excuses but this maybe part of the reason I have not really written here much lately... by the time I have edited my videos I'm not comfortable enough to write a blog post too. I hope now that I have this new work space with my new computer, my Blog won't take such a back seat.  

*I don't want this post to come across bragging in anyway, I just wanted to share my recent purchase*
*iMac 21.5 inch with Retina 4K display 

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