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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Turning Four....

His no longer my baby!

Last week Freddie Turned Four... Where has the time gone......Before i know it, it will be September and he will be starting school.

Over the past six month everything has just seemed to click for him. His understanding and Speech has come on leaps and bounds. He is showing more interest in activities for his age group.  His mental and physical ability has also shocked us.

Upping his days at the school nursery was defiantly the right decision, His development has been incredible.

His birthday this year was on a Thursday, which is one of the days he attends nursery. I decided to keep him home for the day knowing from next year i don't have the choice as he will be attending school. Mr B also took the day off to spend it with him. We didn't do to much as we decided Sunday we would go out and celebrate as a family. So the morning we spent indoors where he opened all his cards and presents and then went out for a lunch before returning home to watch Cars 2 and Thomas.

When Taylor returned form school i cooked a KFC inspired dinner and we all sat together in the living room having a carpet picnic. Of course to finish the boys had Jelly and ice cream and before bed we sang happy birthday and Freddie blew out his candles on his Blaze cake.

Sunday we took a trip to our local Frankie & Bennies and Hollywood bowl to have some lunch before playing two games of bowling. Both we really enjoyable yet extremely busy. However we were luckily enough to have been designated to a VIP lane that made bowling more enjoyable.

I know Freddie enjoyed not only his birthday but Sunday also. Next month my first son will be turning 10....he will be in DOUBLE DIGITS.... shocking....

how old are your little ones, what age are you dreading them to reach?  

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

BBC CBeebies Magazine

Perfect For Pre-Schoolers

When I was younger I remember every Saturday my Nan buying me a magazine. I loved going down to the corner shop and picking one out and spending my weekends reading it. I wanted to carry on this tradition when i had my own children, however I never found a magazine that i thought was really worth the money and had enough learning activities within it.

Last month I was contacted and asked if i would like to receive and review the BBC CBeebies magazine. I thought to myself why not... To be perfectly honest i wasn't expecting anything different to the other magazines i had flicked though on my many shopping trips to Asda. 

However when it arrived i was presently surprised. I received the Big Colouring Issue and it came with a selection of crayons, pencils and pens. I flicked though to see there was so many learning activities, stories, stickers and colouring pages. This magazine had it all. 

Finally I found a magazine that was perfect for pre school age and actually had activities that would help for when he started school.

Now the magazine had to go to the real critic... Freddie.

Its OK for us parents to want to find something fun and educational for our children, But is it really worth it if they don't like or have fun using it. 

I didn't need to worry... Freddie loved it, even all the learning activities. He loved seeing so many different characters from the programs he enjoys watching.

The CBeebies magazine is such a great idea to get if you have a child the same age as Freddie. Most of the activities within the magazine are for hand and eye co-ordination (colouring, Letter writing, placing stickers) however there is also lots of thing to challenge them, (questions for them to answer and Games) Then to end all the fun there is a few stories to read as well.

CBeebies magazine is out every fortnight and ranges in price... This week i bought Freddie the next issue which was £2.99 and was an Art special.

Do you buy your children Magazines.. if so which one? Now you have read my review on the CBeebies one would you purchase it?

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With Love
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