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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

First Month Of 2017

Where has January gone....

I can't believe we are already at the end of the first month of 2017...  It feels like I've blinked and its gone!

My year has started with good and bad points, if you follow me on my social media and/or youtube you will know all about them. Im hoping February is going to be a lot kinder to us.... especially with illnesses. 

This year I really wanted to up my A game and get back into writing. So far I haven't succeeded and i can only apologise. I feel like I have disowned my own blog. Creating content for youtube is very time consuming and every minute of my spear time I have either been thinking of new content, filming or editing. 

I can finally say a month into the year I finally feel great! 

I've decluttered and re-organised the house. I have worked out a work schedule (that includes blog writing) I have set a weekly routine and set days for cleaning and food shopping. I have been making meal plans and only buying food we need to save wastage and money. The money we are saving are going towards days out and our holidays...

2017 has started off OK but im hoping with all the above its going to make my year run more smoothly. 

Even though I'm lucky enough to stay at home and be able to do what i love it doesn't come without it challenges. My blog and Youtube is my escape... But my priority is always the boys. Last year i struggled to find a balance with work and family time. Thats why this year I'm being strict with myself and only spending four days working from 9am to mid- day or mid-day to 3pm. The rest of the time is for my mum/wife duties. 

Routine is key for my 2017.... 

Are you a stay at home mum? Do you struggle to find a balance with work and family life? Id love to hear how you manage your time...

So hears 2017 and much more content here on my blog...!

Thanks For Reading 
With Love 

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  1. Sounds like you are very organised! I love blogging but do find it hard to keep up with when running around with little one and working part-time. Trying to be good and scheduling posts so there is something weekly but not easy! Family and life comes first of course! I don't know how you manage YouTube too! Have lots of admiration for you hun xx


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