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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Mens Christmas Gift Guide 2016

I thought it was just my man that was hard to buy for, but so many of you have been asking for a mans christmas gift guide so it can't be. It must just be a man thing! 

I have come up with several categories with gift ideas at a variety of prices. Hopeful you will you will find this guild useful and give you some ideas for that man you are buying for this year. 


What man doesn't like a gadget! There are so many great things on the market now at a range of prices.

1. Kindle/ Tablet -  If he is a reader or always online and social media. Then this gadgets are perfect for him.

2.  Drone -  Drones are really popular at the moment, this is one gadget I think all men would love. If you are working with a budget don't panic it is still definitely do able. There are plenty of drones out there for people on lots of different budgets it just depends what your looking for. 

3. Go Pro - If your man is sporty a Go pro will be perfect. With so many accessories available you can buy the right part for him to attach the Go Pro to. 

4. Aneroid watch - This is a great, more affordable alternative of the apple watch. 

6. Multi Head Screwdriver - Men like to think there hands on, weather they are or not. This handy little screwdriver is a cool little tool to keep indoors for them some little jobs.  


The only sport Mr B likes is Golf. Which after a few christmases buying golf balls and tees it can become boring and repetitive. However there are many other sports and even though it can sometimes feel it takes over the TV, weekends and well their lives think as it as a plus for christmas present ideas :) 

1.  Shirt - What ever team they support in Football, Rugby or F1, shirts are a nice gift.

2.  Shoes/Trainers - New Shoes for the sport they play.

3.  Golf Set - Accessories for that sport they play. 

4.  Bobble Hat - For outside sports the hats with the headphones inside are brilliant. Especially for winter time. 

Day Experience

There are so many companies out the now doing day/ weekend experiences. I think they are a brilliant idea if your not sure what to get him.

1. Bungee jump - For them brave thrill seekers.

2. Stadium Tour - Take a visit to the stadium of their favourite football team. 

3. High Speed drive - Another thrill seeker experience to drive a sports car of their choice. 

4. Flying Lesson - Have they ever said they wanted to learn how to fly a plane? I found that as a day experience. 


I know, I know your probably thinking a work category, really? But think about it, Its something their going to use on a day to day basis. Ive tried to think of a few things for a few different job types. 

1. A holdall - A few friends of mine husbands/partners work away from home. Weather its just over the weekend, during the week or for longer. A new holdall will make a lovely gift for him to take with him on his travels. 

2.  Belt -  Maybe your man works in an office and wears a suit. A new leather designer belt will make that nice finishing touch. 

3. Briefcase - Does your man have a lot of paperwork to take to and from work? This way he will have somewhere to put it and not leaving it all over the house miss placing it. 

4. Travel Mug - Travelling to and from work in the morning is the worst. However a cup of tea can fix everything. Its gonna keep him warm and awake and hopefully give him a better start to the day. 

5. Pen, Cufflinks and Tie pin - When i saw this set I thought teacher, doctor, estate agent, solicitor etc.   This again is a nice finishing touch to a mans suit. 


Essentials are called essentials for a reason, We use them everyday. So is it really bad giving someone Socks, Smellies and Slippers? 

1. Dressing Gown - A new soft furry dressing gown is perfect for cold winter nights. 

2. Pjs - Another way to keep nice and warm during the colder months.

3. Shaving Set - Shaving kits are a brilliant essential, he uses this pretty much everyday. That is unless your man grows a beard. :) To make it more special you could get a nice brand of products.   

4. Smellies - Aftershave, shower gel and sprays are another get essential. They will be used during the year.

5. Slippers - Who doesn't like a new pair of slippers for during the cold winter months.

6. socks - Everyone wear socks... apart from in the summer But thats a whole six months away yet :) 

I hope this has help you and gave you  few ideas for the man/men you are buying for.

Thanks for reading 
With Love

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