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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Electric is the way forward!

Trying to brush a toddlers teeth can be tricky!

I don't know about you but trying to get them little teeth brushed with a tooth brush is a mission. Your child thinks your a crazy mother, holding their chin for their head to tip to see what your doing. Yet telling them to keep their mouth open so they don't bite on the brush. Making all the silly nosies Ahhhhhh and Eeeeeeeee! What must our children think!? 

Brush time was stressful for us with Freddie, Thats until I invested in the Oral B electric tooth brush.

Over a year ago now Mr B, Taylor and I made the transition from a regular brush to electric ones. At this point Freddie had just turned two and the brush i wanted for him was from 3+. So i carried on with the struggles for the next year. 

A few months back we were doing our weekly shop in Asda and the Oral B Micky Mouse electric brush was on special offer. I whipped it up. 

Brush time is so much more easier and less stressful now. He now doesn't need to be bribed to brush his teeth, he can't wait! He runs upstairs and grabs it after breakfast and before heading to bed.

Look how happy he is..... do you and your children use electric tooth brushes?

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