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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Losing A Friend To Cancer!

With Macmillan and Stand up for cancer happening I thought I would share a story with you about my childhood friend Vicky. 

At just 8 years old I lost my best friend to the horrible C word .....Thinking about our friendship and sharing this with you, I already have tears in my eyes. 

I don't know when or how our friendship started but as she lived next door with her parents to my nan, I just remember spending every weekend with her. 

Its crazy what little things I can remember about her and all the fun things we did together. 

Saturdays after dancing I remember being picked up and being driven the 5 minutes drive to my nan's. Knowing when we reached the bottom of the close there she would be sitting waiting on the living room window seal. I never did ask how long she had been waiting but she always greeted me with a massive smile, even when she was very ill and weak. 

We spent hours making dens just to sit in and eat all the sweets we could find in the house. 

Dressing up as the Spice Girls learning all the words and dance moves to perform it to my nan and her mum and dad (Their poor ears haha.)

Playing in a massive shed house thing at the bottom of their garden that was filled with spiders.... I think we spent more time in panic and screaming to be honest.

We would sit watching Nickelodeon and draw characters from Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Doug, Real Monsters and all the other classics. Hers were MUCH better then mine, she was an amazing little drawer. 

Them stories could go on and on....   

I don't know how or when she was diagnosed with cancer I just remember seeing her one Saturday with much shorter hair and the innocent 8 year old i was said " you had you hair cut, it looks nice" Now that I think back, she looked up to her dad with tears in her eyes with a shy smile he nodded and she looked back at me and said thank you quietly.

She started off being ashamed of loosing her hair, wearing a wooly hat around me all the time till one time she showed me. She started to wear wigs, I also use to put on because I had short hair too and loved the long locks. She used to pin my hair up and attach it to my hair so it fitted correctly.

She was the most caring little girl, she had a good heart, loved animals and even though she was fighting this horrible illness she remained strong.

Unfortunately after being told she was cancer free a month later it had returned and twice as bad.

I will never forget the day I was told about her passing. It was a Friday night I was dancing around the living room to something on top of the pops and the phone rang. My nan had received a letter though the door about her passing. 

Now I'm a mum myself I can only imagine how my mum felt telling her 8 year old daughter about her best friend passing. I remember just sitting in the living room that felt like hours crying on my mums lap and her comforting me in her tightest hug to protect me.

At just 8 years old I experienced my first lost, My first funeral and My first heart break.

We used to speak about the things we wanted to do together when we were teenagers and adults. We couldn't wait to go to the same senior school, getting a bus to the nearest shopping centre, Holidays, sharing a flat, having children so they could be best friends too...... Remembering all these made it difficult for me doing them without her. 

My mum always says that even though I had friends growing up I never had that one Best Friend again. Was my friendship with her so strong I never got that with anyone else? Was i scared to get close to someone incase they go too?

Have you loss someone to this horrible illness? Please feel free to share your stories in the comments below. I would love if you would share this post also to spread the word, Its not just adult its children too.

I've donated, will you?

Thanks For Reading 
With Love 


  1. You are so brave sharing that story. Such a tragic loss, someone so young but you have such happy memories and hold on to them tight hun xx

  2. Thanks for sharing.. I also lost my childhood best friend to Cancer when we were 9 x


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