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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Appreciating That One To One Time

Before I know it he will be off to secondary school wanting to spend more time with his friends then his mum.

Trying to get that one on one time with each child is quite a challenge. I struggle to get that time with Taylor more then I do Freddie. Freddie is home with me two days a week and this is when I give him my solid attention. However with Taylor attending school I don't get that free time with him.

During the summer holidays was my chance. Taylor is happy with anything really, weather it is fun or educational, Inside or out in the fresh area... his even happy with shopping!

We went on many adventures the two of us and it showed me how much he has grown up before my very eyes. Its crazy how quick they grow. Before I know it he will be off to secondary school wanting to spend more time with his friends then his mum.

Im glad that this year I made a real effort in taking him out and having that time to bond again. Next year will be the last year I get this time with Taylor as Freddie will then be starting school and having the same holidays.

Taylor shocked me with his knowledge when we spent the day at Hever Castle. He showed me his caring, loveable and wiliness to learn when we went to Wildwoods Wildlife Park. He showed me his understanding of life, Friendships, love with emotion when we went to watch the BFG. Lastly he showed me his a respectful, excitable, happy nine year old boy when we spent the day at Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tours.

This summer holiday has given me the chance to step back and look at my oldest son with pride. Im not saying every day is perfect but I now have something to look back on and remember them amazing days we shared together.

As a parent we all wish our children will remember these times too, but lets be honest can you remember every outing you went on at nine years old? Its only thanks to videos my mum took on a HUGH camcorder and developed pictures with tops of peoples heads missing and people blinking that I can look back and see all the wonderful things we did. How technology has changed!

Not only is it great that I make weekly vlogs to share our lives with you, But its a great way for my boys to watch them back too. I started my blog to also share these little moments weather its outings, products i love, or even just to let my thoughts out somewhere.

Life passes by so quickly. Id love to hear how you document your special moments and when do you take a trip down memory lane?
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Friday, 16 September 2016

Back to School Means Back To Normality!

With having Taylor home for seven and a half weeks, its taken me over a week to get back into the swing of things! 

Summer holidays are done, Finally... and life goes back to normal. By the end of the holidays even Taylor was getting bored and wanting to return to school. A clue was waking up to him on the Monday before his return date to school with his uniform on. 

Freddie had been attending nursery the three day as normal during the summer which kept us waking up early (Thank god, i don't know how i would have coped with the early mornings again  too) which also gave me time to spend one on one time with Taylor.
However school routine has hit hard. Not only am I out of practice but our routine has changed a little too. Freddie now also attends the schools nursery on a Wednesday afternoon and Friday Morning. This was advised to us by the school so he can then make friendship and get to know the school soundings before starting school next year. 

Now that the house is back to normal i can get back to working. I am slowly working out a new routine for the boring jobs around the house and getting time to filming, edit and writing too. 

How have you dealt with the first week back to normality? Is this your first year of doing the school run? 

I hope you all had a lovely summer now roll on Autumn 

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With Love 
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