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Monday, 1 August 2016

Essentials For Long Car Journeys With Children

Keeping children happy and entertained is hard on a normal day, 
let alone stuck in a car for hours!

During the summer holidays we will be travelling here, there and everywhere. Some journeys may take less then an hour others two or more depending on the traffic. 

Over the past week or so I have sat and wrote a list of the things I am going to make sure I take with us on our car journeys. Weather they are a short or long because as I have already said TRAFFIC.... its everywhere so its best to be prepared. 

So I thought I would share them with you incase you are travelling a lot during the summer holidays too.


*Colouring, Read Along Stories, Books, Dvds and DVD Player, CDS, Travel Games  


Food And Drink

Fruit juice, snacks, travel bottle warmer


Change Of Clothes, Wipes, Calpol

Have I forgotten anything? Let me know what you take in the car on a long trip. If you are traveling abroad I made a whats in my child's hand luggage last year when we went to Zante that you may find helpful. Beware it is an old video :)
Thanks For Reading 
With Love

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  1. Some great ideas here. My little one isn't too bad at the moment in the car but can get restless if we get stuck in traffic as she will often wake up from a nap! Love those mess free colouring packs they are fab! We also have a children's CD although it drives us mad after a while!x


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