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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Jeremy Strong - The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog - Master Of Disguise

Giggle all the way to the end of the latest story from King of Comedy, Jeremy Strong

I remember when I was at Junior school we actually got a visit from Jeremy Strong himself. I can't remember when or why but I remember getting a signed copy of a book that i found hilarious and reading it over and over again. Im a bit gutted i actually don't know where it is... I was hoping my mum was going to find it when she moved... but she didn't :(    

When we were asked if we would like to review one of his books I couldn't decline. I couldn't wait to sit down with Taylor to read it... OK i'll admit I had a sneak peek one evening but made myself put it down before I read the whole book.

The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog is an eight book collection. Streaker, is a rocket on four legs with a woof attached. She's brilliant at many things but most of all she's brilliant at getting into trouble! 

In this book She is on the run again! There’s a mysterious pet-napper at large. Dad wants to send Streaker to behaviour boot camp and Trevor and Tina think they can save her with hair extensions and dye! No wonder Streaker is desperate to escape.

Jeremy didn't let me down... its brilliant. Taylor really enjoyed it and has picked it up within minutes of us returning home from our Summer holiday adventures. 

The book is perfect for his age. From the size of the writing, The language used and still having Pictures throughout the book.   

Taylor has already asked me to get the rest of the collection so he can read them form start to finish. I know its a while away but i have written it down as a gift idea for christmas :) Got to be prepared right! 

To be honest i was surprised when I was offered to review a NEW Jeremy Stone book, I just assumed he wouldn't be writing anymore. I buy most of the boys books form super markets so I hardly go into WHSmiths or Waterstones where i would find Jeremy Strong books. Now i know new books are still being written and Taylor enjoys reading them i will go in just to look for them. 

Do you have an author that you used to read as a young child that is still releasing new books? Do you children like them as much as you?

Thanks for reading
With Love

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Organix are launching a new snack range!

Another great healthy snack from Organix that my boys love. 

Organix is the UK’s favourite baby finger food and toddler snack brand. They have now stepped out of this box and have launched a healthy, No junk snack range called Punk’d aimed for older children.  

According to the ‘Kids Snacking Survey’ by Organix, parents are becoming more concerned about the junk in children’s food. Parents are struggling to find healthy options and feel the food industry should be doing more to help.

Organix took on the mission and Punk’d was created. 
The Organix No Junk Promise offers the reassurance for parents, with organic ingredients and no junk. It is then wrapped up in bold and bright packs, so it’s cool for children to eat.

Organix Punk’d is aimed for children aged five years and up, offering great tasting snacks, with real recognisable ingredients with no junk. Punk’d is kicking off with a range of two cereal bars with more snacks to follow.

Punk’d oaty bars are soft baked, packed with real fruit and wholegrain oats, portion sized for kids and available in two tasty flavours – Cocoa & Orange Crash and Strawberry & Vanilla Smash. Each box contains six individually wrapped bars in portion controlled sizes for kids (23g each), with an RRP of £2.   

Even though Punk'd is aimed for an older child, both my boys enjoyed them. Within a minute both of them had eaten their bar and i nearly fell off my chair when Freddie asked for a second one. Which this time i did allow, however he did automatically brake it in half to share with his bother.... Sharing is caring as we say.

This one didn't go down as quick for Freddie. I don't think he was as keen on the cocoa & Orange as the Strawberry & Vanilla one.

Thank you to Organix for sending us these new Punk'd bars for us to try. Im glad they have been bought to my attention and will be defiantly be repurchasing to include in Taylor's lunch box when he returns to school after the summer holidays. 

I would love to here what snack you give to your children and if you will trying the Punk'd bars. 

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Innocent Smoothies For Kids

Wanna way to get fruit into your child's diet? Innocent Smoothies For Kids are your best bet! 

Taylor is good as gold when it comes to eating fruit and vegetables but Freddie.... its impossible, I've tried everything. 

Well I thought I had until I found these Innocent smoothies for kids in Morrisons when I went in for some milk. They were on half price at the time so I thought ok ill give them ago and picked up two boxes in two different flavours. 

Each box contains four 180ml cartons that look a little bit like a Capri Sun with the straw attached to the back. On each box it tells you all the ingredients in the smoothies, which is 100% pure fruit and no added sugar.

Now that we are finally having some nice weather, these innocent smoothies can also be put in the freezer to make a nice fruit lolly.  These will be much more refreshing and not full of all the nasties that some ice creams and lollies have. 

I was surprised when I gave Freddie one and he finished in less then five minutes, bonus! I did wonder if it was a one off though. So a couple of days later I asked if he wanted one and his response was surprising. 
"Yes..Yes..Yes pleeeeeaaaase mummy" he shouted jumping on the spot. I nearly fainted.... Freddie wanting fruit..... 

Since then I do try and give him one every day. Sometimes I forget and when I go to the fridge after dropping him off at nursery or putting him to bed i think dam! 

If your child/ren don't eat a lot of fruit then I highly recommend them. Maybe don't mention to them it contains fruit if their of an older age then Freddie. Surprise them after its all gone. 

How do you get you child/ren to eat their fruit and veg? Do you have any secrets to share with me? 

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Monday, 1 August 2016

Essentials For Long Car Journeys With Children

Keeping children happy and entertained is hard on a normal day, 
let alone stuck in a car for hours!

During the summer holidays we will be travelling here, there and everywhere. Some journeys may take less then an hour others two or more depending on the traffic. 

Over the past week or so I have sat and wrote a list of the things I am going to make sure I take with us on our car journeys. Weather they are a short or long because as I have already said TRAFFIC.... its everywhere so its best to be prepared. 

So I thought I would share them with you incase you are travelling a lot during the summer holidays too.


*Colouring, Read Along Stories, Books, Dvds and DVD Player, CDS, Travel Games  


Food And Drink

Fruit juice, snacks, travel bottle warmer


Change Of Clothes, Wipes, Calpol

Have I forgotten anything? Let me know what you take in the car on a long trip. If you are traveling abroad I made a whats in my child's hand luggage last year when we went to Zante that you may find helpful. Beware it is an old video :)
Thanks For Reading 
With Love
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