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Monday, 11 July 2016

What A Disaster!!

I havent slept well all night in case a tank full of water floods my house!

Last night was a complete utter disaster! After having to remove my metal tail rail from my airing cupboard for Mr B to fill up the boiler, we noticed the water tank looked like it was leaning. 

At first we looked at it and said has the tank alway looked that wonky? We thought it must have until we tried to get the towel rail back in and it wouldn't fit! Then within seconds it dropped!! 

Yes..... a full water tank that is a good four foot just dropped and fell forward. Luckily when I screamed and tried my best it hold it up in an awkward position charlie came running up the stairs.  He managed to hold it up better then me but he even struggled its was that heavy. 

I had to wedge myself in to take the full weight of the tank while Charlie looked underneath to see what had happened. It was very hard for him to see anything and as I was struggling to hold it up. So he then run out to the car to get a trolley jack to take the weight of the tank. 

After both of us being very shaken up and pretty stressed we had got the water tank propped up and supported. Then to top it off we then saw we had a leak. It was coming from a pipe underneath the tank and we had to put a pan there to collect the water.  Luckily it wasn't pouring out and just slowly dripping. 

As our house is a new build we knew we had a 10 year warranty and because it was a fixture and fittings problem it was down to Bloor Homes (home developers) and the warranty company. 

Ummm! Thats what we thought anyway!

Basically from 9 o'clock this morning till 1 o'clock today I spent on and off the phone to Bloor customer care. The staff were very rude and just didn't seem to care about the situation and was happy to pass me on to someone else to deal with. I finally spoke to the costumer care co-ordiantor that was also rude and unhelpful and actually refused to talk to me on my last phone call and left it to the secretary to pass on the warranty telephone number. 

Unfortunately even though I spoke to a lovely lady at HMBC (the warranty company) and was actually the politest person I had spoke to all day was un able to help. The warranty for the house that they deal with is external only. So the warranty didn't cover the water tank falling off the wall. According to her Bloor Home know this and had just gave me their number to palm me off. Charming! 

As I said, the lady was very nice and actually tried to help me come up with a conclusion to actually finding someone to come out and fix it. Until I thought why don't I ring the manufacture of the boiler and water tank, They must know or have a member of staff that would be able to.

Yet again another phone call. This was also answered by lovely man at Alpha that listened to me and  helped me with giving me numbers to local Alpha plumbers. He gave me 6 numbers and the first one I called said they will come out and take a look this afternoon. 

5 o'clock came and to honest I thought it really wasn't our day and then the door bell rang. Not only was it the plumber but also a near by neighbour.

When i opened up the door his first words were "so i hear your water tank has fallen off the wall too." Yep thats right, Not only was it our tank but his and also the people next door to him have had the same problem. 

Within a hour it was fixed.... It is finally up straight, the foam installation is altogether like it should be and is working perfectly. 

What an afternoon i have had... but I have been treated by Mr B to a lovely Chinese take away. What a perfect way to end the day I've had.  

God help Bloor homes because they have a serious email coming their way very soon, they are not getting out of it that easy.       

Do you live in a new build, have you had any problem with you builders? Or have you had a problem with getting work done with you warranty/ Insurance company?

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  1. Oh my goodness! Why a day! Glad you've got it all sorted now! My hubby works in the plumbing industry but when it comes to anything in our own house we have I wait a crazy amount of time before he gets it sorted lol!xx

  2. Oh lord, what an absolute mare. I hope you're persistent on that email, don't get mugged over!

  3. Holy smokes, that could have been a real disaster, glad you managed to hold it up. Glad that you got it sorted in a matter of a few hours. My wife and I experienced something very similar when we moved into our new place last month. The water tank was just newly mounted and it came off the mounts, scary!


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