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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Rewarding Taylor

Taylor has been doing so well at school lately that Mr B and I decided to reward him with a new scooter!

In December last year I decided enough was enough with Taylor's school and took the plunge and got him into the independent school near us. 2016 wasn't only a new year for us but a new beginning for Taylor at a new school too. 

Mum guilt hit me hard the first day of the school term. Not only did he have to make new friends he had a lot of curriculum to catch up on. 

It took him only a few days to make new friendships and the mum guilt slowly faded. I was still a little worried about the learning side but his new teacher put my mind at rest. Yes he was slightly behind but she reassured me that it will come in time. 

From going from a class of 32 to a class of just 10, he wasn't able to get away with the things he was in his previous school. 

Over the past two/three months we have seen a huge improvement in Taylor's learning. He has been coming home with a higher level of spellings, higher level of reading books and certificates for reaching his target for house points. He has gone from strength to strength and we couldn't be prouder. 

Myself and Mr B had a discussion that we should get him something for his hard work. We agreed that we would wait until the end of term and think of something between now and then. 

However On Friday (24th) while I was in London to attend BritMums, I received a call at 3.25 from an excited Taylor. He only got 12/12 on both sets of spellings and 12/12 on his times tables. 

For this I wanted to bring the reward forward and get him something that weekend. 

On Sunday while he was rehearsing for his dance show we went into town and had a look around sports direct. Mr B came up with the idea of getting him a new scooter. The one he had was getting a little old and rusty so we later surprised him with the new one when we were back at home. His little face lit up and couldn't wait to put it all together and get out in the garden. 

Im glad i went with my gut instinct for moving Taylor to a different school. Mum guilt nearly took over but Im glad it didn't now seeing how much he is thriving. 

I wanted to share this happy and proud moment with you. Its lovely to have somewhere to document it for us to look back on. 

I would like to know if you have ever ignored that mum guilt feeling and went with you gut and if it worked out for the better. Also what rewards have you given to your children and for what achievements? 

Thanks For Reading 
With Love 

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  1. Mummy guilt is the worst but it sounds like you definitely made he right decision! My little one is only 2 but we've already started with her little reward chart (trying to combat the terrible twos!) and she knows she gets just a small treat (could just be a Kinder egg or a comic) when she gets a certain amount of stickers! She's already starting to help with tidying her toys away and putting the washing in the machine for me so she can get extra stickers lol. Hope Taylor continues to thrive at his new school and you can relax and not feel guilty :-) xx


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