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Friday, 8 July 2016

My new phone

No more cracked screen!!

After having a cracked top right side of screen for around 3 months, Finally yesterday was the day I  could go into O2 to choose a new phone. 

But what phone?! I Wanted a bigger memory storage as my 5c hardly had any and it was very annoying. I wanted to stick to having an iPhone as its easier to connect to my iMac Pro. Though I wanted to keep my contract around the same price. 

I had the choice of either the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 and iPhone SE. The iPhone 6s was far to big for me, I only have small hands and I could bearliy hold it. I'm bad for dropping my phone anyway so it  wasn't a good idea to get one i couldn't even hold. The iPhone 6 and iPhone SE were pretty much the same just price wise the SE was a better deal then what i would get the 6 for. 

I decided to go for it in the rose gold, and i love it.  

Do you have an upgrade soon, do you know what phone your'll be getting? Or have you recently upgraded and what phone did you go for? 

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  1. I really love the look of this rose gold phone but think I'd only be getting it because of the colour lol. I'm due an upgrade soon and think I'm going to go back to a Sony Xperia of some sort...although I'm not sure if I'm ok used to my iPhone now! Hated it when I first got it...will see what offers are on lol. Enjoy your new phone!xx

  2. Confession time - I really love the rose gold, too, but I'm a bloke and I'm not sure what other people would think. I think I'm going to go for it anyway though - my masculinity isn't so fragile that I can't cope with a bit of teasing. Personally I plan to go for the 6s though.


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