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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Mr Men Nametags Review

Long lasting, easy to apply name tags with 1000's of uses!

In September Freddie will be starting his future schools nursery for one morning and one afternoon a week. For this he has to wear a school uniform. How exciting, How cute will he look BUT how annoying is naming every piece of clothing?! Thankfully My NameTags have saved me.

My Nametags is an online company since 2004. They are focused on making the absolute best name tags possible. Here are some of the things they are proud of : 

  •  *10 year washing guarantee is unmatched in the name tags industry.
  • *Almost 100% customer satisfaction rating is also unmatched among label companies.
  • *Independently tested to have the best labels in the UK.
  • *Colour sticker labels stay on clothing better than any other labels we know of.
Weather you need a label for clothing, stationary, fabric or shoes, there is a name tag for you. Name tags come in an iron on or sticker form with many different designs to choose from. You can change the font of the writing, the picture icon to the side and the background of the name tags. 

I decided to go with the Iron on Mr Happy name tag. I just thought they were really cute and the red would stand out in Freddie's Green uniform. 

When they arrived they were in a do not bend envelope to keep them flat. They looked just as good in real person as they did online. They came with two silicone sheets to use when applying the labels, meaning no need to use a tea towel like others tags i have previously used. 

They were really simple to apply by slowly peeling off the label from the backing sheet, applying to the label and covering with the silicone sheet and holding the iron on top for 8 - 10 seconds. 

All the instructions are clear and easy to follow on the back of the bag. They are as quick and easy as they say they are. 

Do you use name tags in your child's uniform or do spend ages sitting there writing their name in each garment weeks before they return to school?

Thank you so much My Nametags for sending me these to try, I will defiantly be investing in some more for Taylor for his uniform.

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