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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Dotty Detective Book

An easy yet an enjoyable read.

Taylor has been very lucky recently, He has received at least one new book a week for us to review. Whats great! It keeps him interested in reading, Its got us spending more time together and we also get to share great books with yourselves. 

Last week we received Dotty Detective written by Clara Vulliamy from Harper Collins Children's Books. 

This book is perfect for children ages 7-10 years that enjoys working out clues and puzzles. It is  written in a diary format which makes it an easy yet an enjoyable read.  

Within the book the writing is in a normal and bold typewriter font along with child like handwriting parts too. Along with the writing there is puzzles and Polaroid pictures that look like they have been stuck into the diary and more child like drawn pictures. 

Dotty is the one that is writing the diary and is sharing her love for Fred Fantastic that is a television detective program she likes to watch. She soon has to put Fred's detective rules into action with her friend beans to help their friend Amy to sing in the school talent show. Laura always wins the school talent show and doesn't want Amy to take part and was making a plan to sabotage her. Dot and Beans just need to find out what her plan is but they can't do it without her dog McClusky.

Taylor has really enjoyed reading this book and has enjoyed working out the clues as to what Laura is planning. He enjoyed it so much we have managed to finish it within a week. He has read most of this  book to me without struggling after school then would also get me to read a little more before bed. He just couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. 

This is another great book that has joined Taylor's collection thanks to Harper Collins. Let me know what type of books your children enjoy. Fairytale, Fiction, Funny, Biographical etc.
Thanks For Reading 
With Love


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