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Friday, 15 July 2016

Captain Pug Review

Meet the brilliant, the wonderful, the courageous ... Captain Pug!

Pug is going on a seafaring adventure. He's had jam tarts for breakfast. He's wearing a smart sailor suit. There's just one problem. Pug is afraid of the water! 

Captain Pug is written by Laura James and is aimed for children age 5- 7 years. The text is a larger size, making it clear and easy for them to read. The illustration are also beautiful, really colourful yet still very classic. 

Taylor really enjoyed this book. So much so we actually sat down and read the whole thing in an hour. Plus i have caught him sitting there reading it to himself and Freddie on many occasions. 

Taylor has also told me he would like the second adventure of Pug in Cowboy Pug that will be released in January 2017.

So it looks like Taylor has given this book a thumbs up. 

Pug lives at number 10, The Crescent with his freckled companion Lady Miranda, Her housekeeper Wendy and footmen Will and Liam.

Lady Miranda is off to a birthday party at the boating lake to play on pedalos and eat ice cream. Lady Miranda decides to take her two footmen to pedal her pedalo and pug to be the captain. 

So after eating their Jam tarts and pug being dressed in his smart sailor suit off they went to the lake. However Lady Miranda's plan takes an unexpected turn. Will pug earn his Captain title? Will Lady Miranda ever find her Puggykins? Will Pug ever over come his fear of the water?

Your have to buy you own copy to find out :) Ooo what a meanie!

Do your children like to sit and read? Do you find them sitting there reading the same book over and over again?

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