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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Mr Men Nametags Review

Long lasting, easy to apply name tags with 1000's of uses!

In September Freddie will be starting his future schools nursery for one morning and one afternoon a week. For this he has to wear a school uniform. How exciting, How cute will he look BUT how annoying is naming every piece of clothing?! Thankfully My NameTags have saved me.

My Nametags is an online company since 2004. They are focused on making the absolute best name tags possible. Here are some of the things they are proud of : 

  •  *10 year washing guarantee is unmatched in the name tags industry.
  • *Almost 100% customer satisfaction rating is also unmatched among label companies.
  • *Independently tested to have the best labels in the UK.
  • *Colour sticker labels stay on clothing better than any other labels we know of.
Weather you need a label for clothing, stationary, fabric or shoes, there is a name tag for you. Name tags come in an iron on or sticker form with many different designs to choose from. You can change the font of the writing, the picture icon to the side and the background of the name tags. 

I decided to go with the Iron on Mr Happy name tag. I just thought they were really cute and the red would stand out in Freddie's Green uniform. 

When they arrived they were in a do not bend envelope to keep them flat. They looked just as good in real person as they did online. They came with two silicone sheets to use when applying the labels, meaning no need to use a tea towel like others tags i have previously used. 

They were really simple to apply by slowly peeling off the label from the backing sheet, applying to the label and covering with the silicone sheet and holding the iron on top for 8 - 10 seconds. 

All the instructions are clear and easy to follow on the back of the bag. They are as quick and easy as they say they are. 

Do you use name tags in your child's uniform or do spend ages sitting there writing their name in each garment weeks before they return to school?

Thank you so much My Nametags for sending me these to try, I will defiantly be investing in some more for Taylor for his uniform.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Eastwell Manor In Ashford

Our 10 Year Anniversary Get Away

This year for our anniversary we just wanted to go somewhere to sit back, relax and enjoy each others company. Normally when we get the chance to get away we always seem to head for a city. What really isn't the best thing... I always seem to return home more tired then I was when I left.  

So when I came across Eastwell Manor it was perfect. There was a room available, Spa facilities, restaurants, bars and to top it off it was set in beautiful grounds. 

We both had an amazing time. It was very relaxing with great food and drink a comfy bed and peaceful. 

I couldn't help but take photos while i was there (it was just to gorgeous not to) so of course i couldn't keep them from you.

Our Room 
Fredrick The Saxon 

If you would like to see more of the manor and what we got up to, You can see it in this weeks weekly vlog. 

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Andrew Barton Hair Products Review

Professional products for drugstore prices!

The team at Andrew Barton kindly sent me three hair products to try out and share my thoughts on them with you.

The team asked me to share some information with them to know what products to send to me that would best suit my hair. I told them i had over processed, limp and fizzy hair and all three products i received was to help with each of them.

For my over processed bleached hair they sent me the S.O.S hair repair treatment mask. To give my limp flat hair some volume I was given the Full on volume texture spray. Then lastly ease that frizz gloss serum to help with my frizz.

There is many unique and indulgent Andrew Barton collections that are all made in Britain with the best ingredients from all over the world.  Enjoy all the benefits of having your very own stylist on speed dial without the celebrity price tag! All collections are available exclusively at ASDA stores nationwide.


Formulated for dry, damaged or fragile hair. Infused with world-famous Moroccan Argan Oil and indulgent Shea Butter, the products are intensely nourishing to restore and treat your hair.


Especially formulated for limp, lifeless hair or if you just need a little extra bounce! Infused with miracle-working Moroccan Argan Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 the products work to boost and lift from the roots without weighing the hair down.

Formulated for people with colour-treated or highlighted hair. Infused with world-famous Moroccan Argan Oil and a protective UV filter these products shield your hair from colour-fading sun rays to preserve your colour’s vitality and shine for much, much longer.


Infused with miracle-working Moroccan Argan Oil and calming Sweet Almond Oil, the formulations work hard to smooth and tame unruly tresses for a sleek and defined look.

This brightening and hydrating collection is ideal for all natural or enhanced shades of blonde. Infused with world-famous Moroccan Argan Oil and Chamomile the formulations work hard to preserve your colour’s vitality and give it the extra care it needs to stay strong and healthy.

I used all three products last week and videoed the whole process and spoke about my likes and dislikes on the products. So if you would like to see what i thought and me using the product heres the link. YouTube

Have you used Andrew Barton hair products before? What did you think? 

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Friday, 22 July 2016

The Other Alice Review

A rich and twisting tale of magic, riddles and the power of imagination from the award-winning author of The Thirteen Treasures Sequence. 

Michelle Harrison is a full time author who lives in Essex. Her fist novel, The Thirteen treasures won the Waterstones Children's Book Prize. It was then followed by The Thirteen Curses and The Thirteen Secrets. Since then Michelle has written Unrest, A ghost story for older readers and One Wish, a prequel to the thirteen books. The other Alice is her sixth novel. 

What happens when a tale with real magic, that was supposed to be finished, never was? Well, this is a story about one of those stories...

Midge loves riddles, his cat Twitch and most of all... stories. Especially because he's grown up being read to by his sister Alice who is a brilliant writer.  

Alice has has a belief about her stories, She should never leave a tale unfinished. If she does, she knows from experience that something extraordinary happens..... The characters step off the page and into the real world, sounds fun right?

However when sister goes missing and a talking cat turns up in her bedroom, Midge searches Alice's stories for a clues. When he come across her secret book he finds two of its characters wandering around town. He soon discovers that it is much more than just a story. 

Every tale as it's villains and with them leaping off the page, Midge, Gypsy and Piper must use all their wits and cunning to work out how the story end and find Alice. If they Fail, A more sinister finale threatens them all.....

I started by reading this book with Taylor, though he didn't really seem to be into it. unfortunately over the past few weeks i haven't had a lot of time time to read so I'm not even half way though it yet. However i am loving it, I love the darkest of the book and how it keeps me on the edge of my seat. Its very imaginative and it is a great concept of having a book within another book. I can't wait to get to then end and see what going to happen and how Midge finds Alice.  

Have you read any of Michelle Harrison books? Will you be purchasing The Other Alice?

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    Friday, 15 July 2016

    Captain Pug Review

    Meet the brilliant, the wonderful, the courageous ... Captain Pug!

    Pug is going on a seafaring adventure. He's had jam tarts for breakfast. He's wearing a smart sailor suit. There's just one problem. Pug is afraid of the water! 

    Captain Pug is written by Laura James and is aimed for children age 5- 7 years. The text is a larger size, making it clear and easy for them to read. The illustration are also beautiful, really colourful yet still very classic. 

    Taylor really enjoyed this book. So much so we actually sat down and read the whole thing in an hour. Plus i have caught him sitting there reading it to himself and Freddie on many occasions. 

    Taylor has also told me he would like the second adventure of Pug in Cowboy Pug that will be released in January 2017.

    So it looks like Taylor has given this book a thumbs up. 

    Pug lives at number 10, The Crescent with his freckled companion Lady Miranda, Her housekeeper Wendy and footmen Will and Liam.

    Lady Miranda is off to a birthday party at the boating lake to play on pedalos and eat ice cream. Lady Miranda decides to take her two footmen to pedal her pedalo and pug to be the captain. 

    So after eating their Jam tarts and pug being dressed in his smart sailor suit off they went to the lake. However Lady Miranda's plan takes an unexpected turn. Will pug earn his Captain title? Will Lady Miranda ever find her Puggykins? Will Pug ever over come his fear of the water?

    Your have to buy you own copy to find out :) Ooo what a meanie!

    Do your children like to sit and read? Do you find them sitting there reading the same book over and over again?

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    Wednesday, 13 July 2016

    The Lost Smile Book

    A cute short little story to read to your little one.  

    Wrigley’s Extra have just released their first children’s book called The Lost Smile as part of their Extra Smile Back charity campaign.

    The book is a lovely story about a little boy who realises his family aren’t smiling anymore, and so goes on a smile hunt to find them. The aim of the story is to remind parents about the power of a child’s smile and the importance of protecting it.

    Taylor and Freddie both sat listening to me reading. Freddie enjoyed the colourful pictures however Taylor found it confusing. "A smile can't be lost" Taylor said. "Let me see your smile then" I said.  Taylor grinned and Freddie copied and we all laughed. The aim of the story defiantly reminded me the power of my boys smiling. Not only that the rest of the time we were sat reading they snuggled into me with a smile on their faces. Misson complete Wrigley's Extra. 

    Now lets share the power of smiling with everyone else in the UK. Wrigley’s Extra Smile Back Project which aims to protect children’s smiles by donating money form every pack of Wrigley’s Extra and every book sold to its chosen charity partner, Action for Children. This will fund the creation of oral healthcare workshops for families across the UK, benefitting more than 10,000 children and 5,000 parents in its first year. I would love to know what makes your children smile? 

    For information on how to protect your family’s smiles and how you can support the Smile Back Project through the purchase of The Lost Smile, visit The book is available for £3.99 RRP and all funds raised through its sale will go towards supporting the work of Action for Children and the Oral Health Foundation. 
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    Monday, 11 July 2016

    What A Disaster!!

    I havent slept well all night in case a tank full of water floods my house!

    Last night was a complete utter disaster! After having to remove my metal tail rail from my airing cupboard for Mr B to fill up the boiler, we noticed the water tank looked like it was leaning. 

    At first we looked at it and said has the tank alway looked that wonky? We thought it must have until we tried to get the towel rail back in and it wouldn't fit! Then within seconds it dropped!! 

    Yes..... a full water tank that is a good four foot just dropped and fell forward. Luckily when I screamed and tried my best it hold it up in an awkward position charlie came running up the stairs.  He managed to hold it up better then me but he even struggled its was that heavy. 

    I had to wedge myself in to take the full weight of the tank while Charlie looked underneath to see what had happened. It was very hard for him to see anything and as I was struggling to hold it up. So he then run out to the car to get a trolley jack to take the weight of the tank. 

    After both of us being very shaken up and pretty stressed we had got the water tank propped up and supported. Then to top it off we then saw we had a leak. It was coming from a pipe underneath the tank and we had to put a pan there to collect the water.  Luckily it wasn't pouring out and just slowly dripping. 

    As our house is a new build we knew we had a 10 year warranty and because it was a fixture and fittings problem it was down to Bloor Homes (home developers) and the warranty company. 

    Ummm! Thats what we thought anyway!

    Basically from 9 o'clock this morning till 1 o'clock today I spent on and off the phone to Bloor customer care. The staff were very rude and just didn't seem to care about the situation and was happy to pass me on to someone else to deal with. I finally spoke to the costumer care co-ordiantor that was also rude and unhelpful and actually refused to talk to me on my last phone call and left it to the secretary to pass on the warranty telephone number. 

    Unfortunately even though I spoke to a lovely lady at HMBC (the warranty company) and was actually the politest person I had spoke to all day was un able to help. The warranty for the house that they deal with is external only. So the warranty didn't cover the water tank falling off the wall. According to her Bloor Home know this and had just gave me their number to palm me off. Charming! 

    As I said, the lady was very nice and actually tried to help me come up with a conclusion to actually finding someone to come out and fix it. Until I thought why don't I ring the manufacture of the boiler and water tank, They must know or have a member of staff that would be able to.

    Yet again another phone call. This was also answered by lovely man at Alpha that listened to me and  helped me with giving me numbers to local Alpha plumbers. He gave me 6 numbers and the first one I called said they will come out and take a look this afternoon. 

    5 o'clock came and to honest I thought it really wasn't our day and then the door bell rang. Not only was it the plumber but also a near by neighbour.

    When i opened up the door his first words were "so i hear your water tank has fallen off the wall too." Yep thats right, Not only was it our tank but his and also the people next door to him have had the same problem. 

    Within a hour it was fixed.... It is finally up straight, the foam installation is altogether like it should be and is working perfectly. 

    What an afternoon i have had... but I have been treated by Mr B to a lovely Chinese take away. What a perfect way to end the day I've had.  

    God help Bloor homes because they have a serious email coming their way very soon, they are not getting out of it that easy.       

    Do you live in a new build, have you had any problem with you builders? Or have you had a problem with getting work done with you warranty/ Insurance company?

    Thanks For Reading
    With Love 

    Sunday, 10 July 2016

    DIWAH Necklace Review

    A passion for bespoke! 

    When DIWAH contacting me asking if i would like to review a statement necklace, I checked out their website and replied with a "Yes Please!" 

    DIWAH is a bespoke online jewellery company that was founded in 2015 by Janet. She has a passion for fashion and anything that glistens. Her love of jewellery started at a very early age, by accessorising all of her clothes with vintage pieces of jewellery from her Grandma’s collection. Throughout her travels she developed a love for semi-precious gemstones and began to source the finest pieces from across the globe.

    At DIWAH, you become the designer, each piece you create is handmade by a dedicated member of the artisan team in the UK HQ. 

    If you’re not 100% confident in your jewellery designing skills, or if you just don’t have the time to create your unique, wearable masterpiece then there is a FREE design service where you can have the highly skilled, trained team at DIWAH design individual pieces of jewellery, especially for you.

    DIWAH also have their pre-designed collections that are handcrafted with care, using influences from across the world, as well as British fashion.

    DIWAH also do Gift Cards. This would make such a lovely present idea for a friend or female family member for their birthday or christmas. They could then either design their own necklace, have one designed for them or buy one that they like from the pre - designed collection. 

    I started by trying to design my own necklace. Even though it was easy to use with so many choices of styles, chains, beads and pedants, I just couldn't come up with a nice unique idea. So I decided to go with the design service and leave it to the design team. I filled out a questionnaire of the type of necklace I would like from the length of the chain, favourite colours, beads i likes, my style and much more. 

    After a week or so i received an email with 3/4 different pictures of the designs that the team came up with for me. I liked all of them it took me a while to choose. Just after a week it arrived, i couldn't wait to open it. 

    It was so well presented and wrapped in a box with a lovely note from the lady that made my necklace. The necklace is beautiful, so well made and is more then I expected. 

    Have you ever designed a piece of jewellery, would you like to? Head over to and have a go.

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    With Love

    Friday, 8 July 2016

    My new phone

    No more cracked screen!!

    After having a cracked top right side of screen for around 3 months, Finally yesterday was the day I  could go into O2 to choose a new phone. 

    But what phone?! I Wanted a bigger memory storage as my 5c hardly had any and it was very annoying. I wanted to stick to having an iPhone as its easier to connect to my iMac Pro. Though I wanted to keep my contract around the same price. 

    I had the choice of either the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 and iPhone SE. The iPhone 6s was far to big for me, I only have small hands and I could bearliy hold it. I'm bad for dropping my phone anyway so it  wasn't a good idea to get one i couldn't even hold. The iPhone 6 and iPhone SE were pretty much the same just price wise the SE was a better deal then what i would get the 6 for. 

    I decided to go for it in the rose gold, and i love it.  

    Do you have an upgrade soon, do you know what phone your'll be getting? Or have you recently upgraded and what phone did you go for? 

    Thanks For Reading
    With Love 

    Wednesday, 6 July 2016

    Dotty Detective Book

    An easy yet an enjoyable read.

    Taylor has been very lucky recently, He has received at least one new book a week for us to review. Whats great! It keeps him interested in reading, Its got us spending more time together and we also get to share great books with yourselves. 

    Last week we received Dotty Detective written by Clara Vulliamy from Harper Collins Children's Books. 

    This book is perfect for children ages 7-10 years that enjoys working out clues and puzzles. It is  written in a diary format which makes it an easy yet an enjoyable read.  

    Within the book the writing is in a normal and bold typewriter font along with child like handwriting parts too. Along with the writing there is puzzles and Polaroid pictures that look like they have been stuck into the diary and more child like drawn pictures. 

    Dotty is the one that is writing the diary and is sharing her love for Fred Fantastic that is a television detective program she likes to watch. She soon has to put Fred's detective rules into action with her friend beans to help their friend Amy to sing in the school talent show. Laura always wins the school talent show and doesn't want Amy to take part and was making a plan to sabotage her. Dot and Beans just need to find out what her plan is but they can't do it without her dog McClusky.

    Taylor has really enjoyed reading this book and has enjoyed working out the clues as to what Laura is planning. He enjoyed it so much we have managed to finish it within a week. He has read most of this  book to me without struggling after school then would also get me to read a little more before bed. He just couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. 

    This is another great book that has joined Taylor's collection thanks to Harper Collins. Let me know what type of books your children enjoy. Fairytale, Fiction, Funny, Biographical etc.
    Thanks For Reading 
    With Love

    Sunday, 3 July 2016

    Rewarding Taylor

    Taylor has been doing so well at school lately that Mr B and I decided to reward him with a new scooter!

    In December last year I decided enough was enough with Taylor's school and took the plunge and got him into the independent school near us. 2016 wasn't only a new year for us but a new beginning for Taylor at a new school too. 

    Mum guilt hit me hard the first day of the school term. Not only did he have to make new friends he had a lot of curriculum to catch up on. 

    It took him only a few days to make new friendships and the mum guilt slowly faded. I was still a little worried about the learning side but his new teacher put my mind at rest. Yes he was slightly behind but she reassured me that it will come in time. 

    From going from a class of 32 to a class of just 10, he wasn't able to get away with the things he was in his previous school. 

    Over the past two/three months we have seen a huge improvement in Taylor's learning. He has been coming home with a higher level of spellings, higher level of reading books and certificates for reaching his target for house points. He has gone from strength to strength and we couldn't be prouder. 

    Myself and Mr B had a discussion that we should get him something for his hard work. We agreed that we would wait until the end of term and think of something between now and then. 

    However On Friday (24th) while I was in London to attend BritMums, I received a call at 3.25 from an excited Taylor. He only got 12/12 on both sets of spellings and 12/12 on his times tables. 

    For this I wanted to bring the reward forward and get him something that weekend. 

    On Sunday while he was rehearsing for his dance show we went into town and had a look around sports direct. Mr B came up with the idea of getting him a new scooter. The one he had was getting a little old and rusty so we later surprised him with the new one when we were back at home. His little face lit up and couldn't wait to put it all together and get out in the garden. 

    Im glad i went with my gut instinct for moving Taylor to a different school. Mum guilt nearly took over but Im glad it didn't now seeing how much he is thriving. 

    I wanted to share this happy and proud moment with you. Its lovely to have somewhere to document it for us to look back on. 

    I would like to know if you have ever ignored that mum guilt feeling and went with you gut and if it worked out for the better. Also what rewards have you given to your children and for what achievements? 

    Thanks For Reading 
    With Love 
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