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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Peppa Pig Foam Soap

A great product for a child that doesn't enjoy baths!

Over the christmas period the boys received so many different bath products.... as I'm sure many of us do. We are now in June and it has taken me this long to get to the bottom of the pile. This is where I found the Peppa Pig Foam Soap.

We used it for the first time last Sunday. This product honestly took me by surprise when I first pressed the despiser. I was expecting a bubbly type of foam to come out however it a thick firm foam. It actually reminds me of the same consistency of a hair moose.

As its a mouldable foam the kids can have fun playing with it before using it to wash themselves. Taylor enjoyed making it into a little ball and throwing and catching it in his hands, Freddie wasn't sure at first. Thats until he saw Taylor playing and having fun with it, he then put out his hand for some. It also has a lovely fruity smell, A sweet watermelon scent jumps out to me.

If you have a child that doesn't enjoy baths then I highly recommend this. Freddie can sometimes be a bit difficult during bath time depending on his mood. This was a great way to distract him, especially while i was trying to wash his hair. Which is normally... how can i say this... A mission, A wet one at that. I might as well get in the bath sometimes its that bad.

For £2 I think its really worth it money, It is a 250ml pressurised container which you shake before use. The foam expands once in your hand so not a lot is needed, so should last a while.

Let me know if you have a bath product that your child/ren love. Have you tried this bath foam before if not would you go out and get it now you have read this?

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  1. Looks great. My little one loves a bath but she has to have tons of she'd love this! She keeps eyeing up my Lush stuff....this could be a good distraction ;-) xx


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