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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Little Party Parcels Review

Little party parcels will be a life saver for any parent organising a Childs birthday party!

Now I don't know about you but one of the worse jobs about arranging a child's birthday party are the party bags. 

What do you put in them? Shall I just do a sweet cone? Where can I get fillers for reasonable prices?

These are just some of the questions I asked myself. However I now have an answer, You and I will never have to ask ourselves these questions again. Little Party Parcels sell everything you could possible need, making the process easier, money saving  and leaving you with no wastage. 

Party Bag from 4p - 20p each 

Party bags are sold individually meaning you buy the amount of bags you actually need. Most party bags are normally sold in sets of 8's. This means you will most proberbly be spending more money then you need to and leaving you bags unused.
So for example - you have a party of 20 children your need to buy 3 packs for £2 = £6 leaving you 4 bags left over. If you bought your bags form little party parcels, working with the same amount of children and buy the amount you need would work out being 80p to £4 depending on what design you choose. Cheaper and no wastage!

Party boxes from 28p - 60p

Party boxes are more of an added extra, I haven't used them before. However now that summer is here, these would be good for outdoor parties. This way you don't have to have a table full of food attracting insects you can seal one of everything into a box per child. Yet again will work out cheaper for food and not leaving you plates upon plates of un eaten food.

Party bag fillers from 4p each - £2.72 for a set of fillers. 

With over 400 party bag fillers for a range of ages (sweets, bubbles, temporary tattoos, stickers, stationary and much more) you can again buy these individually or they also sell a filler set to put straight into your own bag.

Pre - filled party Bags 60p - £2.90

This idea I love, you don't have to worry about any thing. All you have to do is choose what bag and filler set you would like, Order them and wait for them to turn up. Easy Peasy! No need to worry about buying all the bags, Thinking what to fill them with and then having to put one of everything into the bag.

Jennifer at Little Party Parcels has been very generous and has sent me so many different products she sells. I can honestly say I am very impressed. Everything is just so reasonably priced and great quality. 

Along with all the above they also sell products that are perfect for prizes. Whats a child's party without having games? Yet again all these extra little gift are still great quality and prices.  

I have saved Little Party Parcel on my favourites on my laptop, So I can head straight there when I'm next planning a party for my boys.

What do you dislike the most when planning and organising your childs birthday? Would you think about ordering some party bags or gifts for prizes from Little Party Party Parcels in the future?

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  1. This is a great idea. My little one hasn't had many parties yet but I always find it hard to cater for different ages!xx


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