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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

BritMums Live

I had a great day, Learnt a lot and met some lovely people

This Saturday I went to my first ever BritMums Live conference. I wasn't sure what to expect, I get a little nervous at things like that. 

1. Im not a great traveller, especially in London if I have to get tubes. 
2. I dislike being at unknown places.
3. Im quite claustrophobic, so being in small spaces with a lot of people doesn't help. 
4. Im not that confident, approaching new people takes a lot. I try to make sure I know a few people before I go anywhere.  

To be completely honest I don't think I would have survived if it wasn't for Hannah, Claire and Sophie with me. Some parts where as i feared other parts I very much enjoyed.

Everything was very organised, we got a program with everything that was happening during the course of the day and at what times. There was so many different seminars to go to giving you Hints and Tips to help grow and improve your blog and social media platforms. Some were helpful and unfortunately some weren't.

Walking around the room where the brands were was probably the most challenging part of the day for me. It was sometimes quite busy and trying to be confidant enough to pitch to brands was challenging for me. When it was slightly quieter i managed to get talking to the manager of a brand that was really nice and hopefully be working with them very soon. Getting a compliment from Hannah saying she was proud how i pitched was a real confidence boaster, So Thank you hun i know your reading :)  

Breakfast and Lunch was supplied by BritMums that was very nice and in the end myself and hannah went outside to eat because at this time the weather was nice and that was the only place we could sit to eat. Shortly after we were joined by Claire and Sophie that had the same idea. 

After all the seminars had finished there was a few speeches on the main stage by other bloggers and just before we left Cherry Healey. (who Hannah was disparate to see) she was sooooo funny I'm glad we stayed to see her. I am defiantly going to buy her book "A letter to my Fanny" Yep thats the title. 

When we went to leave we were handed our main gift bag, which joined all the other bags i had collected during the day. So to end off this BritMums post here are all the things i received during the day. 

Goodies From MAM

Goodies From Munchkin

A Bottle Of BlueIron To Try

Goodies FromDC Thomson

BritMums 2016 Goodie Bag

I had a great day, learnt a lot and met some lovely new Bloggers and Vloggers that i will hopefully get to meet up again with soon. 

Thanks For Reading 
With Love

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  1. Looked like you had a great time! I definitely can appreciate how you felt, I often used to feel like that on courses for work but could stand and present to colleagues without a problem! New people is hard though and initiating the conversation is tough. Well done for going for it!! Looks like you got some lovely freebies too. Glad you had a good time, is it a yearly thing? Do you think you will go again? Love the name of that book hehe!!xx


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