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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

BritMums Live

I had a great day, Learnt a lot and met some lovely people

This Saturday I went to my first ever BritMums Live conference. I wasn't sure what to expect, I get a little nervous at things like that. 

1. Im not a great traveller, especially in London if I have to get tubes. 
2. I dislike being at unknown places.
3. Im quite claustrophobic, so being in small spaces with a lot of people doesn't help. 
4. Im not that confident, approaching new people takes a lot. I try to make sure I know a few people before I go anywhere.  

To be completely honest I don't think I would have survived if it wasn't for Hannah, Claire and Sophie with me. Some parts where as i feared other parts I very much enjoyed.

Everything was very organised, we got a program with everything that was happening during the course of the day and at what times. There was so many different seminars to go to giving you Hints and Tips to help grow and improve your blog and social media platforms. Some were helpful and unfortunately some weren't.

Walking around the room where the brands were was probably the most challenging part of the day for me. It was sometimes quite busy and trying to be confidant enough to pitch to brands was challenging for me. When it was slightly quieter i managed to get talking to the manager of a brand that was really nice and hopefully be working with them very soon. Getting a compliment from Hannah saying she was proud how i pitched was a real confidence boaster, So Thank you hun i know your reading :)  

Breakfast and Lunch was supplied by BritMums that was very nice and in the end myself and hannah went outside to eat because at this time the weather was nice and that was the only place we could sit to eat. Shortly after we were joined by Claire and Sophie that had the same idea. 

After all the seminars had finished there was a few speeches on the main stage by other bloggers and just before we left Cherry Healey. (who Hannah was disparate to see) she was sooooo funny I'm glad we stayed to see her. I am defiantly going to buy her book "A letter to my Fanny" Yep thats the title. 

When we went to leave we were handed our main gift bag, which joined all the other bags i had collected during the day. So to end off this BritMums post here are all the things i received during the day. 

Goodies From MAM

Goodies From Munchkin

A Bottle Of BlueIron To Try

Goodies FromDC Thomson

BritMums 2016 Goodie Bag

I had a great day, learnt a lot and met some lovely new Bloggers and Vloggers that i will hopefully get to meet up again with soon. 

Thanks For Reading 
With Love

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Peppa Pig Foam Soap

A great product for a child that doesn't enjoy baths!

Over the christmas period the boys received so many different bath products.... as I'm sure many of us do. We are now in June and it has taken me this long to get to the bottom of the pile. This is where I found the Peppa Pig Foam Soap.

We used it for the first time last Sunday. This product honestly took me by surprise when I first pressed the despiser. I was expecting a bubbly type of foam to come out however it a thick firm foam. It actually reminds me of the same consistency of a hair moose.

As its a mouldable foam the kids can have fun playing with it before using it to wash themselves. Taylor enjoyed making it into a little ball and throwing and catching it in his hands, Freddie wasn't sure at first. Thats until he saw Taylor playing and having fun with it, he then put out his hand for some. It also has a lovely fruity smell, A sweet watermelon scent jumps out to me.

If you have a child that doesn't enjoy baths then I highly recommend this. Freddie can sometimes be a bit difficult during bath time depending on his mood. This was a great way to distract him, especially while i was trying to wash his hair. Which is normally... how can i say this... A mission, A wet one at that. I might as well get in the bath sometimes its that bad.

For £2 I think its really worth it money, It is a 250ml pressurised container which you shake before use. The foam expands once in your hand so not a lot is needed, so should last a while.

Let me know if you have a bath product that your child/ren love. Have you tried this bath foam before if not would you go out and get it now you have read this?

Thanks For Reading
With Love

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Little Party Parcels Review

Little party parcels will be a life saver for any parent organising a Childs birthday party!

Now I don't know about you but one of the worse jobs about arranging a child's birthday party are the party bags. 

What do you put in them? Shall I just do a sweet cone? Where can I get fillers for reasonable prices?

These are just some of the questions I asked myself. However I now have an answer, You and I will never have to ask ourselves these questions again. Little Party Parcels sell everything you could possible need, making the process easier, money saving  and leaving you with no wastage. 

Party Bag from 4p - 20p each 

Party bags are sold individually meaning you buy the amount of bags you actually need. Most party bags are normally sold in sets of 8's. This means you will most proberbly be spending more money then you need to and leaving you bags unused.
So for example - you have a party of 20 children your need to buy 3 packs for £2 = £6 leaving you 4 bags left over. If you bought your bags form little party parcels, working with the same amount of children and buy the amount you need would work out being 80p to £4 depending on what design you choose. Cheaper and no wastage!

Party boxes from 28p - 60p

Party boxes are more of an added extra, I haven't used them before. However now that summer is here, these would be good for outdoor parties. This way you don't have to have a table full of food attracting insects you can seal one of everything into a box per child. Yet again will work out cheaper for food and not leaving you plates upon plates of un eaten food.

Party bag fillers from 4p each - £2.72 for a set of fillers. 

With over 400 party bag fillers for a range of ages (sweets, bubbles, temporary tattoos, stickers, stationary and much more) you can again buy these individually or they also sell a filler set to put straight into your own bag.

Pre - filled party Bags 60p - £2.90

This idea I love, you don't have to worry about any thing. All you have to do is choose what bag and filler set you would like, Order them and wait for them to turn up. Easy Peasy! No need to worry about buying all the bags, Thinking what to fill them with and then having to put one of everything into the bag.

Jennifer at Little Party Parcels has been very generous and has sent me so many different products she sells. I can honestly say I am very impressed. Everything is just so reasonably priced and great quality. 

Along with all the above they also sell products that are perfect for prizes. Whats a child's party without having games? Yet again all these extra little gift are still great quality and prices.  

I have saved Little Party Parcel on my favourites on my laptop, So I can head straight there when I'm next planning a party for my boys.

What do you dislike the most when planning and organising your childs birthday? Would you think about ordering some party bags or gifts for prizes from Little Party Party Parcels in the future?

Thanks For Reading
With Love  

Friday, 10 June 2016

Jacqueline Wilson Book Review

I think I was more excited then Taylor to receive these books!

When I saw bloggers were needed to review some Jacqueline Wilsons books I applied straight away. My teenage self was screaming and jumping up and down inside. Jacqueline Wilsons books were my go to books from the age of 11 to 16. I had and still have many books of hers in a box in the garage that I just couldn't come to part with. 

Over the last few months you may have noticed during Vlogs and previous posts I have been buying and receiving quite a few books. I have wanted to get Taylor more interested in reading, by clearing out his bookshelf and buying new books has helped me do this. 

Penguin have also kindly sent us two books by Jacqueline Wilson, The first one is called "Katy" and the second "Rent A Bridesmaid." 

When they first arrived I was a little worried Taylor might think they were a bit girly especially Rent A bridesmaid with the bright pink cover. However we sat down that evening when he returned from school and read the first chapter of both.

He was quick to say after hearing the first chapter of both he was preferring Katy. However as we have read more of the books he likes both of them equally the same. These book are very different from one another and I would say Katy is written more for an older child (from 11) where as Rent a bridesmaid is more appropriate for Taylor's age.


Katy is the eldest child in the Carr family, Her and her sister Clover unfortunately lost there mum to an illness. Their dad then remarried and had another 3 children with his new partner Izzie who also has another daughter from a previous marriage.
She likes to invent imaginary games, skateboarding, tree climbing and swinging high soaring skywards.
Unfortunately Katy has a horrible accident and her spirt sinks to their lowest point.

Rent A bridesmaid

Matilda aka Tilly is a nine years old that lives with her busy working dad. A new girl also called Matilda but they call her Matty just joined her school, and the same day they become best of friends.
In Tilly's imagination she has a wardrobe full of bridesmaid dresses but in the real world its only Matty that has a beautiful pink dress to wear at the perfect white wedding.
Tilly's so worried she is never going to be a bridesmaid so she decides to take matters into her own hands and offer her bridesmaid services for hire.

Myself and Taylor are enjoying both of these books and are trying to read a chapter of both a night before bed. We are just over half way though rent a bridesmaid and not to far behind with Katy.

We look forward to getting to end of the books to see what happens.

Thank you ever so much to Penguin for sending us these books to review, It has gave us something new to read together that we are both able to enjoy.

Have you bought books for your children that remind you of your childhood? Are they still how you remember them?

Thanks for reading 
With Love
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