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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Tales From Acorn Wood - Childs Book Review.

Seeing them together reading nicely melts my heart every time. 

This month I have tried to increase both the boys book collections, So when I'm in a shop that sells books I stop and have a rummage.

A few weeks back in Asda I saw the children's books and I found so many. Some for Freddie, Some for Taylor and even one for myself. I think I spent over £40 on books that day. whoops!

However four books that I bought that day for Freddie he has fallen in love with and gets me to read them over and over again. They are the Tales from Acorn Wood, These books were created by the same creators as the Gruffalo.

The books are just 5 pages and written in a beautiful rhyme. They also have a flip up flap on each page, what i feel keeps the child engaged. The illustrations are beautiful. Very classic and simple but still colourful.

Im so glad that I managed to pick up all four books, so he has the complete series. Even though the stories don't follow on from one another they are linked by the reappearance of the same animals.

There is Rabbit's Naps, Fox's socks, Hide-And-Seek Pig and Postman Bear.

These have also been great for Taylor to read to him while i am busy doing chores around the house. Peking around the door to the room they sit, seeing them being cute for five minutes melts my heart every time.

I would definitely recommend these book. Not only does Freddie enjoy them Taylor loves reading them to him and to be totally honest I love them too.

If you see these books when your out, pick one up and give it a read. You may also fall in love with them too.

Thanks For Reading
With Love 

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  1. This is such a cute book and there is a moral at the end of the story as well which compels me to buy and read this book for my children.


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