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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Proud & Co Review and GIVEAWAY!

Proud & Co have been Soooooo generous!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Justin the Founder of Proud & Co offering me an opportunity to review their new oven gloves. 

Now I am a tea towel user when using an oven..... I know I know, smack wrist. 

Now I do have a reason, I hate oven gloves. They are too big and balky, I have felt the heat though previous ones and to top it off its hard to grip anything while wearing them.

When I had a nose though Proud &Co's website and reviews on Amazon, I'll admit I was sceptical. Can a oven glove be as good as what everyone was saying? Will it actually do everything that it says it does? There was only one way to find out and that was to try it for myself.

A few days later the glove turned up, However not just one but three. Justin was very generous and sent me one of every design, Red and White, Blue and White and Cream and Black.

I automatically picked up and opened the red and white one because as you may know it matches my kitchen colour theme. I put it on and straight away I was in love. 

It fitted my hand perfectly, it wasn't over sized. It felt nice, inside and out. It wasn't balky, The rubber non slip was great quality and they look great too. First impressions was 10/10. I couldn't wait to start dinner to see if it ticked all my other boxes.

I wasn't disappointed! This glove is truly amazing. It has great grip from carrying a baking tray to a ceramic dish and I didn't feel any heat what so ever. 

I can't rate and big these gloves up anymore so Justin and I are giving you the chance to find out for yourself how good they really are. 

The Cream and Black glove is up for grabs. If you would like the chance to win this oven glove then you can enter below by completing all the Raffelcopter options.

The winner will be contacted shortly after the closing date, Good Luck Everyone! (UK only)

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  1. I am definitely a tea towel user too lol! I have such little hands that I have never found an oven glove that fits! These are so pretty though, might have to check them out! Thanks for sharing xx

    1. @myworldasamummy O dear, I would defiantly recommend these gloves for small hands. Have you entered into the giveaway for the cream and black one? xx

    2. I can't as I'm not on Twitter! Can't get to grips with it lol. Love Instagram and Facebook but Twitter baffles me lol xx

    3. Oh no! :( I was a bit like that at the begin but now I've had a play for a few months i love it, prefer it to Facebook now. xx


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