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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Pork Farms Blogger Event

I had a great day, even though I don't like Pork Pies!

This Friday I travelled to Orpington, Kent. Where I was kindly invited to an event run by Pork farms as part of the board games championships. 

The event was held at One Inn The wood, micropub. Which was one of the winners of the semi finals. It was lovely, very quaint with wooden beams, floors, tables and stools.  

Pork farms put on a little buffet with their different pork pies but unfortunately I'm not a lover of them, I didn't try any. 

I spent the afternoon getting to know other Bloggers and Vloggers from and around the Kent area. While we played the games that were played for the championships. 

We played Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Jenga, Connect 4 and Guess Who. So fun easy games, well apart form Trivial Pursuit our whole team didn't do well at that, but I'll admit I was TERRIBLE......!

After each game we worked out our scores and used the score sheet to keep count. Once we had played all the games Charlotte from pork farms tallied up all the scores and told us our places. 

I didn't do to bad I came in 3rd place and I received a framed 3rd played certificate. That will of course take a pride of place in my office/ filming room. 

I had a lovely day. I enjoyed the company of the other bloggers and Vloggers that had also been invited. Charlotte and her work colleagues were also very nice and also enjoyed playing along with us all. I would just like to mention Estelle from bloggers edge that sent me the invite to this event. Thank you I had a great afternoon.

Do you like pork pies? or are you like me and not a big fan.

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  1. I was invited to this but couldn't make it. Bloody miffed I am because it looked like you had a pretty good time, you've definitely made me hungry now as well.

    1. O dear, Its a shame you couldn't make it. We did have a good day, would have been nice to meet you. Haha... I'm not a pork pie lover but everyone else enjoyed them :) xx

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