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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

PG Tips Tea Party

What a great way to start off the week

Monday morning myself and Hannah made a mad dash to the train station after the school run. To catch the 9.14 am train to London Victoria followed by A tube to London Bridge to catch a 11.15am  boat for a tea party.

After walking up and down, back on ourself twice and looking at maps, We managed to get there on time, exhausted..., but we got there.

PG tips invited me to spend the morning aboard the Elizabethan Sailing down the river thames enjoying a few of their green teas. A great way to start off the week on a sunny Monday morning, wouldn't you agree?

The boat was gorgeous, it had an open top roof and was beautifully laid out by the PG hosts.

While we were making our way down the thames, we were shown to the back deck of the boat for a surprise....

There was a six metre statue of the PG tip Monkey, sitting enjoying a cup of green tea himself in the middle of the River Thames.

The Monkey has been crafted from 110,486 fabricated green tea leaves and is a bid to energise Londoners on their commute. PG tips green tea were inspired to create this magnificent "Vision Of Green" to highlight a forthcoming "Green Paper" report to be published by PG tips Green Tea.

Along with all the different teas to try PG had prepared a beautiful brunch for us all too.

It was lovely to sit back and enjoy the London scenery and thank goodness the British weather held off.

Thank you to PG tip for putting on such a lovely morning and trip along the thames, which I don't think i have ever done before. Also thank you to Jessica from Stickyeyes for sending me the invite along to this event.

Let me know if you live or work around London and you have seen or will be looking out for the PG tip monkey. I would love to know if you have taken a boat tip down the thames before.

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  1. This looks like a lovely day. That monkey is ace! What a great way to spend the morning! I'm a massive tea fan and my friend is always trying to get me to try green tea! I always think of your weekly vlogs now when I go and make a cuppa, think I'm as addicted to it as you lol! My Mum says I'm like my Nana! Glad you had a lovely day xx

  2. Haha, I love it. I've been bought up in a tea drinking family. Though my mum and nan are worse then me, I know crazy! They can drink two in the time i drink one. 😂 xx


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