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Monday, 16 May 2016

Ozeri Salt and Pepper Grinder

When Ozeri asked if I would like to review this salt and pepper grinder I couldn't resist. 

I have one salt grinder and one pepper grinder and both of them are rubbish. The rock salt kept getting stuck in the grinder and I kept having to hitting it on the worktop to dislodge the salt. I ended up with pieces of salt and pepper inside on the base of my cupboard where it had dropped out. I also recently found out they weren't refillable so i was going to need to buy a new grinder/s soon. 

Ozeri contacted me just at the right time! 

I can honestly say there isn't one thing i can say i dislike about this grinder. The manufactures have thought of everything. 

  • It looks nice, Very neat and the stainless steel body makes it look more expensive than it is. 
  • The clear plastic salt and pepper holders are easily removed to fill and pushed back on once filled. 
  • Each end has a pop off lid so there will no longer be Salt or Pepper in the cupboard
  • It grinned rock salt and pepper corns easily. 
  • The salt and pepper ended up being nice and fine, Perfect for cooking or to be added to dinner at the table.

I love it and both of my cheap salt and pepper grinders are in the bin replayed with this smart easy to use grinder. 

This grinder is available on amazon or on their website.

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