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Friday, 27 May 2016

Live Butterfly Garden

The best biology lesson for children at home. 

If you have been watching my weekly Vlogs you will know over the past month we had some unusual pets. 

The boys were given the Inset lore Butterfly Garden for a present from my mum for christmas. We had to wait until the middle of May to send away for our caterpillars as they are only available from then to September. 

When they first arrived I was shocked by how tiny they were, I would say they were around a cm. From the first day Freddie was fascinated with them. He would just stand there watching them and kept telling me they were moving.

They didn't remain this small for long, Every morning we woke to bigger caterpillars. In just over a week they went for a cm to over an inch.    

On the morning of the 10th day, we work to the first caterpillar in it crystallise. During the course of the day one by one each caterpillar joined the other/s hanging from the paper within the lid. 

At this point Freddie got a bit confused and kept asking where the caterpillars had gone. Taylor was really good with explaining to Freddie that they had gone to sleep to turn into butterflies. So for the next 7 day Freddie kept checking on them telling me they were still asleep.

I moved them into the pop up tent just at the right time because a few days later they started to hatch.

On the eighth morning we woke and checked on the crystallise but still no butterflies. However after 15 minutes Taylor came running into the kitchen telling me there was a butterfly. During the day one by one they hatched and by the evening we had five butterflies.  

We left them for a few days like it told us to then we started putting in sticks, leaves, flowers and fruit. Freddie loved watching them flying around and eating the apple that he put in.

That weekend we let them free, it was a perfect day for it. We unzipped the pop up tent expecting them to all just fly out but they didn't.

One by one Mr B, Taylor and I put our hand in to let the butterfly sit on our hand and held them until they flew away.

This butterfly garden is brilliant, its so educational and fun at the same time. We can wait until our next set of caterpillars arrive. (i've ordered some more) This is a new family tradition from now on.

These sets are available from their website and also Amazon.

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  1. I loved watching the progress of these on your vlogs! I think our daughter would love them but I'm not keen on creepy crawlers and not sure I'd be able to do it with her lol! They do look fab though!xx

    1. We have some more coming tomorrow, both the boys are so excited. You don't have to touch them only move the paper what they are attached to into the pop up tent. :) Get hubby or someone else to do it, She will love it. xx


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