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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Dr Seuss Book Review

Dr. Seuss makes reading fun!

When I was contacted to review some Dr Seuss books, I immediately said yes. Dr Seuss books take me back to my childhood and I love them now as much as I did back then.

We were lucky enough to be sent two of my favourite books by Dr Seuss, The Cat In The Hat and Green Eggs And Ham.

I was so excited to sit down with Taylor and read them to him.

He loved them too, He couldn't stop giggling while I was reading. He also enjoyed reading them to me, even though he did struggle at first. However we have read them a dozen of times now and he has become more confident and fluent.

Here are FIVE reason to Love Dr Seuss books, According to Dr Seuss publishers anyway :)

1. They help develop reading skills

Children learn to read though repetition- books such as Green Eggs And Ham with its limited vocabulary are perfect for this.

2. They are perfect for reluctant readers

The Cat In The Hat contains 236 words, Green Eggs And Ham only 50. For children encountering challenges to reading, discovering a fun and engaging book where they know perhaps 80-90% of the words is a brilliant confidence booster

3. They are great to read aloud 

The words, Rhythms and Rhymes have a musical sound and importantly are as satisfying to read as they are to listen to.

4. They teach life lessons

Dr Seuss books teach important and inspirational life lessons, subtly and with humour.

5. They appeal to every age 

The books work on different levels. Very young children respond to the rhyming text and bright illustrations, order children have fun learning to read them and adults can enjoy the grown- up messages in the stories.

Now we have these two books I am defiantly going to be looking for a few others to join them on Taylor's bookshelf. I have found both of these books and other Dr Seuss books are available on Amazon if your interested.

I would like to Thank Harper Collins Children's books for choosing us to receive and review these books, we really have enjoyed them.

Let me know if you have read any Dr Seuss books to your children and their thoughts. Also what other books written by Dr Seuss would you recommend?

Thanks For Reading 
With Love


  1. Dr Seuss is fantastic! Green eggs and ham has always been a favourite of mine! The Cat in the Hat is a must too. The characters are great. I totally agree, great for reluctant readers, especially as the rhyme helps with confidence. Can't wait until my little one is old enough to read these! Glad Taylor liked them!xx

    1. I can't wait to buy him more, they just don't seem to read them these type of books to them at school anymore, whats a real shame. An old classic. xx


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