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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

#BlokesTalkBirths - Answered By Mr B

We want to know what dads REALLY think about the whole labour and birth process! 

As Mr B is camera shy he wasn't up for filming this hashtag with me for YouTube. So for us to still be involved I thought we would do it here instead :) 

Same rules, He has to tell the truth and I promise not to get annoyed at his answers and truthfulness. He has 3 passes but ONLY 3...... There is 17 question (well it does say to choose your favourite questions) But HayHo we're going to do all 17. 

So here we go.......

 1. What was the best bit about seeing me give birth?

How strong and calm you were.

2. What was the worst bit about seeing me give birth?

You being in pain and discomfort. 

3. How did you feel about me, after watching what i went though during the labour and birth?

Undying love for you.

4. How much would you have paid to take the pain away?

How much would I have paid...? I don't know...

5.  Did you shut you eyes during the birth at anytime?


6.  If dads could give birth, would you have our next baby instead of me?

SILENCE.... not something i've ever thought about.

7. What do you think about Orgasmic births?

What... I didn't know that was possible... Is that really True?... Haha.

8. Honestly, If you had the choice not to come into the room with me, would you be there next time?

Yeh, course I would, I wouldn't miss that. It's the greatest experience ever! 

9. Did it put you off having sex with me?


10. Did you find it boring, Be honest? 

No, Time flew.

11. How did you feel as a man, being helpless to take the pain away or do much to help me? 

Just having to except it,  just to be there and supporting you. 

12. How did it make you feel to create a new life? 

Yeh it was good, I don't know it's not something you can really describe... 

13. What's the first emotion you felt as the baby was safely delivered?

choked up.... I don't know tears of joy seems to corny to say.... 

14. What were you first thoughts when you held our baby/ies for the first time?


15. Did you feel overwhelmed with responsibility or up for the challenge? 

Up for the challenge.

16. If you could change one thing about the birth what would it be? 

Birth was alright really, I wouldn't change anything. 

17. What's your one top tip for dads-to-be who are about to experience their partner giving birth for the first time?

Be there, Be supportive and enjoy the moment. Its over quickly really and once it done you never get that experience and birth back. 

There we go, Mr B straight to the point about his thoughts on my labours and births with the boys. I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. I would love to know how you Husband/partner was during your birth/s 

Thanks For Reading
With Love 

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