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Friday, 27 May 2016

Live Butterfly Garden

The best biology lesson for children at home. 

If you have been watching my weekly Vlogs you will know over the past month we had some unusual pets. 

The boys were given the Inset lore Butterfly Garden for a present from my mum for christmas. We had to wait until the middle of May to send away for our caterpillars as they are only available from then to September. 

When they first arrived I was shocked by how tiny they were, I would say they were around a cm. From the first day Freddie was fascinated with them. He would just stand there watching them and kept telling me they were moving.

They didn't remain this small for long, Every morning we woke to bigger caterpillars. In just over a week they went for a cm to over an inch.    

On the morning of the 10th day, we work to the first caterpillar in it crystallise. During the course of the day one by one each caterpillar joined the other/s hanging from the paper within the lid. 

At this point Freddie got a bit confused and kept asking where the caterpillars had gone. Taylor was really good with explaining to Freddie that they had gone to sleep to turn into butterflies. So for the next 7 day Freddie kept checking on them telling me they were still asleep.

I moved them into the pop up tent just at the right time because a few days later they started to hatch.

On the eighth morning we woke and checked on the crystallise but still no butterflies. However after 15 minutes Taylor came running into the kitchen telling me there was a butterfly. During the day one by one they hatched and by the evening we had five butterflies.  

We left them for a few days like it told us to then we started putting in sticks, leaves, flowers and fruit. Freddie loved watching them flying around and eating the apple that he put in.

That weekend we let them free, it was a perfect day for it. We unzipped the pop up tent expecting them to all just fly out but they didn't.

One by one Mr B, Taylor and I put our hand in to let the butterfly sit on our hand and held them until they flew away.

This butterfly garden is brilliant, its so educational and fun at the same time. We can wait until our next set of caterpillars arrive. (i've ordered some more) This is a new family tradition from now on.

These sets are available from their website and also Amazon.

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Proud & Co Review and GIVEAWAY!

Proud & Co have been Soooooo generous!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Justin the Founder of Proud & Co offering me an opportunity to review their new oven gloves. 

Now I am a tea towel user when using an oven..... I know I know, smack wrist. 

Now I do have a reason, I hate oven gloves. They are too big and balky, I have felt the heat though previous ones and to top it off its hard to grip anything while wearing them.

When I had a nose though Proud &Co's website and reviews on Amazon, I'll admit I was sceptical. Can a oven glove be as good as what everyone was saying? Will it actually do everything that it says it does? There was only one way to find out and that was to try it for myself.

A few days later the glove turned up, However not just one but three. Justin was very generous and sent me one of every design, Red and White, Blue and White and Cream and Black.

I automatically picked up and opened the red and white one because as you may know it matches my kitchen colour theme. I put it on and straight away I was in love. 

It fitted my hand perfectly, it wasn't over sized. It felt nice, inside and out. It wasn't balky, The rubber non slip was great quality and they look great too. First impressions was 10/10. I couldn't wait to start dinner to see if it ticked all my other boxes.

I wasn't disappointed! This glove is truly amazing. It has great grip from carrying a baking tray to a ceramic dish and I didn't feel any heat what so ever. 

I can't rate and big these gloves up anymore so Justin and I are giving you the chance to find out for yourself how good they really are. 

The Cream and Black glove is up for grabs. If you would like the chance to win this oven glove then you can enter below by completing all the Raffelcopter options.

The winner will be contacted shortly after the closing date, Good Luck Everyone! (UK only)

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Dr Seuss Book Review

Dr. Seuss makes reading fun!

When I was contacted to review some Dr Seuss books, I immediately said yes. Dr Seuss books take me back to my childhood and I love them now as much as I did back then.

We were lucky enough to be sent two of my favourite books by Dr Seuss, The Cat In The Hat and Green Eggs And Ham.

I was so excited to sit down with Taylor and read them to him.

He loved them too, He couldn't stop giggling while I was reading. He also enjoyed reading them to me, even though he did struggle at first. However we have read them a dozen of times now and he has become more confident and fluent.

Here are FIVE reason to Love Dr Seuss books, According to Dr Seuss publishers anyway :)

1. They help develop reading skills

Children learn to read though repetition- books such as Green Eggs And Ham with its limited vocabulary are perfect for this.

2. They are perfect for reluctant readers

The Cat In The Hat contains 236 words, Green Eggs And Ham only 50. For children encountering challenges to reading, discovering a fun and engaging book where they know perhaps 80-90% of the words is a brilliant confidence booster

3. They are great to read aloud 

The words, Rhythms and Rhymes have a musical sound and importantly are as satisfying to read as they are to listen to.

4. They teach life lessons

Dr Seuss books teach important and inspirational life lessons, subtly and with humour.

5. They appeal to every age 

The books work on different levels. Very young children respond to the rhyming text and bright illustrations, order children have fun learning to read them and adults can enjoy the grown- up messages in the stories.

Now we have these two books I am defiantly going to be looking for a few others to join them on Taylor's bookshelf. I have found both of these books and other Dr Seuss books are available on Amazon if your interested.

I would like to Thank Harper Collins Children's books for choosing us to receive and review these books, we really have enjoyed them.

Let me know if you have read any Dr Seuss books to your children and their thoughts. Also what other books written by Dr Seuss would you recommend?

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

PG Tips Tea Party

What a great way to start off the week

Monday morning myself and Hannah made a mad dash to the train station after the school run. To catch the 9.14 am train to London Victoria followed by A tube to London Bridge to catch a 11.15am  boat for a tea party.

After walking up and down, back on ourself twice and looking at maps, We managed to get there on time, exhausted..., but we got there.

PG tips invited me to spend the morning aboard the Elizabethan Sailing down the river thames enjoying a few of their green teas. A great way to start off the week on a sunny Monday morning, wouldn't you agree?

The boat was gorgeous, it had an open top roof and was beautifully laid out by the PG hosts.

While we were making our way down the thames, we were shown to the back deck of the boat for a surprise....

There was a six metre statue of the PG tip Monkey, sitting enjoying a cup of green tea himself in the middle of the River Thames.

The Monkey has been crafted from 110,486 fabricated green tea leaves and is a bid to energise Londoners on their commute. PG tips green tea were inspired to create this magnificent "Vision Of Green" to highlight a forthcoming "Green Paper" report to be published by PG tips Green Tea.

Along with all the different teas to try PG had prepared a beautiful brunch for us all too.

It was lovely to sit back and enjoy the London scenery and thank goodness the British weather held off.

Thank you to PG tip for putting on such a lovely morning and trip along the thames, which I don't think i have ever done before. Also thank you to Jessica from Stickyeyes for sending me the invite along to this event.

Let me know if you live or work around London and you have seen or will be looking out for the PG tip monkey. I would love to know if you have taken a boat tip down the thames before.

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Ozeri Salt and Pepper Grinder

When Ozeri asked if I would like to review this salt and pepper grinder I couldn't resist. 

I have one salt grinder and one pepper grinder and both of them are rubbish. The rock salt kept getting stuck in the grinder and I kept having to hitting it on the worktop to dislodge the salt. I ended up with pieces of salt and pepper inside on the base of my cupboard where it had dropped out. I also recently found out they weren't refillable so i was going to need to buy a new grinder/s soon. 

Ozeri contacted me just at the right time! 

I can honestly say there isn't one thing i can say i dislike about this grinder. The manufactures have thought of everything. 

  • It looks nice, Very neat and the stainless steel body makes it look more expensive than it is. 
  • The clear plastic salt and pepper holders are easily removed to fill and pushed back on once filled. 
  • Each end has a pop off lid so there will no longer be Salt or Pepper in the cupboard
  • It grinned rock salt and pepper corns easily. 
  • The salt and pepper ended up being nice and fine, Perfect for cooking or to be added to dinner at the table.

I love it and both of my cheap salt and pepper grinders are in the bin replayed with this smart easy to use grinder. 

This grinder is available on amazon or on their website.

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Party Bags & Supplies Review

Its a shame i didn't know about this supplier before the boys birthdays.

When I was asked if I would like to review a party kit form Party bags & Supplies. At first I was unsure weather or not to accept, due to both of the boys already having their birthdays.

However when I went onto their website, I found so many different kits available and when I came across the halloween ones I thought why not. I always hold a little halloween get together for the boys and their friends so this party kit would come in handy.

There was so many different kits available for boys and girls, teens and adults. For Baby showers, 1st birthday, birthdays and even Graduations. With so many themes, Holidays and Characters, There is something for everyone for every celebration you can think of. 

When I received the package I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products. For just £16.99   I got a party kit for 8 people which had 
  • 1 Plastic Table Cloth
  • 16 Napkins 
  • 8 paper plates 
  • 8 paper cups 
  • 8 party bags with 6 fun party fillers
Party bags & Supplies have so many products to choose from, for great quality, great prices and quick delivery. 

Its a real shame i didn't know about them before the boys birthday. This would have been far less stressful form running around like a headless chicken from shop to shop, trying to find the right character supplies. Party bags & Supplies have them all.

If you haven't used them before i would highly recommend them. The website is quick and easy to use, great communication, fast delivery, great prices for great products what more could you want. 

Let me know if you have used Party bags & supplies before or if your going to head over there now and have a look. 

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

My VLOGiversary

I can't believe its been a year its gone so quick!

On the 12th Of May 2015 I uploaded my first video to youtube. It took me a while to get the confidence to do it but when I did, It was a great feeling and I took a sigh of relief. 

However Its terrible! I have left the video on public on my channel because thats where I started and its apart of my YouTube journey. I look very nervous, a rabbit caught in the headlights as they say. I talk like a robot, The editing is shocking, I have no clue why i chose that top and my hair.... well the only way to describe that is Ewww! Its really bad, But everyone has to start somewhere. Right?!

If you haven't watched it, I wouldn't bother your not missing anything and your wasting 7 minutes and 20 seconds of your life. If you have then I can only apologise.  

I'll admit I have gone back and watched it once or twice myself. Its sooooo cringey but watching it makes me realise how far i have come. It also makes me feel better after a bad day of filming or editing.

This year has been so incredible. Its the first thing that I have really enjoyed doing for myself since having Freddie. I feel so much more confidant, I find it easier to talk to new people and making new friends. Its something I do for myself where I don't feel the only thing I'm good for is cooking, cleaning and being a stay at home mum. 

My little online family is growing daily what means so much. Its so nice to see people liking commenting and subscribing and coming back every week to see what we have been up to. Its also nice when I have recommended something and I've received messages saying they have bought the product/item themselves and they love it too. 

I love everything about vlogging, well apart from the editing. But I'm getting quicker and its always nice to edit vlogs because its like reliving the previous week all over again. 

If your thinking of starting a YouTube channel, Then just do it. You won't regret it. It will be a step out of you comfort zone but just remember to film what you like, enjoy or feel passionately abou . You will find it easier to relax and your personality will come across more. I always say Vlog for yourself no one else. 


So as it my first Year on Youtube and for reaching my next target of 500 subscribers I am holding a Giveaway. 

There are two giveaways one here and one on my Youtube. You can enter in to both and is open worldwide. 

To be entered into this giveaway to win the 3 products pictured below (1 Rimmel London super gel, 1 Soap and Glory happy pamper set and 1Benefit Hoola zero Tanlines) just follow my blog (google+/bloglovin) and comment below on this post. You can also head over to my youtube and enter there by subscribing and commenting on that video also. 

Please only enter by following me here or my youtube if your going to remain subscribed after the giveaway has finished and not just for entering. Closing date is the 26th of May. The winners will be announced on my Instagram and Twitter so follow me there as well if you don't already.

Thank you to everyone that has made this year one to remember. I can't wait to see what next year has in store for me. Your my amazing little but growing Online family please keep on supporting me by liking commenting  and sharing my videos and posts.

I love you all very much, Thank you again and good luck.   

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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Tales From Acorn Wood - Childs Book Review.

Seeing them together reading nicely melts my heart every time. 

This month I have tried to increase both the boys book collections, So when I'm in a shop that sells books I stop and have a rummage.

A few weeks back in Asda I saw the children's books and I found so many. Some for Freddie, Some for Taylor and even one for myself. I think I spent over £40 on books that day. whoops!

However four books that I bought that day for Freddie he has fallen in love with and gets me to read them over and over again. They are the Tales from Acorn Wood, These books were created by the same creators as the Gruffalo.

The books are just 5 pages and written in a beautiful rhyme. They also have a flip up flap on each page, what i feel keeps the child engaged. The illustrations are beautiful. Very classic and simple but still colourful.

Im so glad that I managed to pick up all four books, so he has the complete series. Even though the stories don't follow on from one another they are linked by the reappearance of the same animals.

There is Rabbit's Naps, Fox's socks, Hide-And-Seek Pig and Postman Bear.

These have also been great for Taylor to read to him while i am busy doing chores around the house. Peking around the door to the room they sit, seeing them being cute for five minutes melts my heart every time.

I would definitely recommend these book. Not only does Freddie enjoy them Taylor loves reading them to him and to be totally honest I love them too.

If you see these books when your out, pick one up and give it a read. You may also fall in love with them too.

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

#BlokesTalkBirths - Answered By Mr B

We want to know what dads REALLY think about the whole labour and birth process! 

As Mr B is camera shy he wasn't up for filming this hashtag with me for YouTube. So for us to still be involved I thought we would do it here instead :) 

Same rules, He has to tell the truth and I promise not to get annoyed at his answers and truthfulness. He has 3 passes but ONLY 3...... There is 17 question (well it does say to choose your favourite questions) But HayHo we're going to do all 17. 

So here we go.......

 1. What was the best bit about seeing me give birth?

How strong and calm you were.

2. What was the worst bit about seeing me give birth?

You being in pain and discomfort. 

3. How did you feel about me, after watching what i went though during the labour and birth?

Undying love for you.

4. How much would you have paid to take the pain away?

How much would I have paid...? I don't know...

5.  Did you shut you eyes during the birth at anytime?


6.  If dads could give birth, would you have our next baby instead of me?

SILENCE.... not something i've ever thought about.

7. What do you think about Orgasmic births?

What... I didn't know that was possible... Is that really True?... Haha.

8. Honestly, If you had the choice not to come into the room with me, would you be there next time?

Yeh, course I would, I wouldn't miss that. It's the greatest experience ever! 

9. Did it put you off having sex with me?


10. Did you find it boring, Be honest? 

No, Time flew.

11. How did you feel as a man, being helpless to take the pain away or do much to help me? 

Just having to except it,  just to be there and supporting you. 

12. How did it make you feel to create a new life? 

Yeh it was good, I don't know it's not something you can really describe... 

13. What's the first emotion you felt as the baby was safely delivered?

choked up.... I don't know tears of joy seems to corny to say.... 

14. What were you first thoughts when you held our baby/ies for the first time?


15. Did you feel overwhelmed with responsibility or up for the challenge? 

Up for the challenge.

16. If you could change one thing about the birth what would it be? 

Birth was alright really, I wouldn't change anything. 

17. What's your one top tip for dads-to-be who are about to experience their partner giving birth for the first time?

Be there, Be supportive and enjoy the moment. Its over quickly really and once it done you never get that experience and birth back. 

There we go, Mr B straight to the point about his thoughts on my labours and births with the boys. I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. I would love to know how you Husband/partner was during your birth/s 

Thanks For Reading
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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Pork Farms Blogger Event

I had a great day, even though I don't like Pork Pies!

This Friday I travelled to Orpington, Kent. Where I was kindly invited to an event run by Pork farms as part of the board games championships. 

The event was held at One Inn The wood, micropub. Which was one of the winners of the semi finals. It was lovely, very quaint with wooden beams, floors, tables and stools.  

Pork farms put on a little buffet with their different pork pies but unfortunately I'm not a lover of them, I didn't try any. 

I spent the afternoon getting to know other Bloggers and Vloggers from and around the Kent area. While we played the games that were played for the championships. 

We played Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Jenga, Connect 4 and Guess Who. So fun easy games, well apart form Trivial Pursuit our whole team didn't do well at that, but I'll admit I was TERRIBLE......!

After each game we worked out our scores and used the score sheet to keep count. Once we had played all the games Charlotte from pork farms tallied up all the scores and told us our places. 

I didn't do to bad I came in 3rd place and I received a framed 3rd played certificate. That will of course take a pride of place in my office/ filming room. 

I had a lovely day. I enjoyed the company of the other bloggers and Vloggers that had also been invited. Charlotte and her work colleagues were also very nice and also enjoyed playing along with us all. I would just like to mention Estelle from bloggers edge that sent me the invite to this event. Thank you I had a great afternoon.

Do you like pork pies? or are you like me and not a big fan.

Thanks for reading
With Love
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