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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

TRESemme Beauty - Full Volume Range

Doing it back to front feels wired at first but believe it or not it works!

When I first saw the advert for the new TRESemme reverse system volume range, Im not going to lie I was sceptical. We have washed our hair all these years one way, what is swapping the products around going to do? 

I had a few quires and worries about using this new system.... Was it really going to make my hair more volumized? Is it going to make my hair fizzy? Rough? Hard to manage?

But I did it, I took the plunge...... 

I admit, it felt wired looking at the step one bottle that said conditioner but I tried not to think about it. I applied the conditioner to my mid lengths and ends and left for one minute as they suggest on the back of the bottle.

When I rinsed my hair it felt AMAZING, it was really soft, it felt just like silk. I have never felt my hair that soft and the smell of the conditioner was pretty good too. 

Then came the shampoo, i squeezed a grape sized amount into the palm of my hand. As soon as i applied the shampoo to my hair and gave it a little scrub, it lathered up quickly. I normally do two shampoos before conditioner and my hair doesn't lather up like that until the second shampoo. 

After I rinsed away the shampoo I was pleasantly surprised. It still felt silky smooth and had an apple scent.... umm

From this point i did my normal hair routine. 

I towel dried my hair and applied my Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes hair oil. I brushed though my hair with no problem and blow dried my hair. 

This is when I noticed the difference between washing my hair with my normal hair care and the TRESemme beauty full volume range. 

It definitely gave my hair volume... It wasn't limp and flat to my face like normal. It looked and felt thicker. It also felt light with a wired sensation on my scalp and roots.  It was a bazaar feeling thats all i can say, But it works. My worries were gone.

I still used my Tigi bed head soothing cream though my mid length and ends as this helps with the fly aways.

If you hair is lacking volume and life then give them ago. I love these new hair care collection by TRESemme . 

Let me know if you have used these product and what your experience was using them. 

Thanks for reading 
With Love


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  2. This does actually make sense, I might have to give it a go myself. I have short, blunt hair so sometimes volume can be hard to achieve but this definitely seems worth a try, great post!

    1. Thank you. I defiantly recommend them. It has made a difference to my hair.


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