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Friday, 8 April 2016

Munchkin Stay-In-Place Car Mirror

When I got my new car there was one thing I missed about my old one...

In my Renault there was a mirror fitted to the head lining that was perfect to keep an eye on the boys in the back seats. So when I came across the Munchkin Stay-In-Place mirror while doing my weekly shop in Asda I picked it up.

For just £9.00 I wasn't expecting it to be as good as the one fitted to my Renault but I thought I will give it a go.

I was actually pleasantly surprised. The mirror is great quality, A great size with a clear view to see what is happening in the back and most importantly its quick and easy to fit.

It comes with two attachments, one is for attaching to the back window to see A baby sitting in a rear facing seat and another for clipping to the front sun visors to see children in forward facing seats. The mirror is easily attached and detached to both of these and they are quick and easy to fit to the back window or front sun visor.

Once fitted to the window or sun visor you are still able to move the mirror into the correct position needed. With the mirror fitting being a cylinder means it pivots and rotates 360 degrees in the window and sun visor attachments.

I am really happy with my munchkin mirror purchase and would defiantly recommend it. Its a really good price and it a great way for keeping an eye on your little ones in the back.

*If you are interested in buying this mirror I have found it on Amazon for just £5.94, even cheaper*

I hope you find this useful, I would love to hear from you if you have used or thinking of getting the munchkin Stay-In-Place mirror.

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