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Sunday, 17 April 2016

A year Of No Smoking! - Written By Mr B

Vaping was the only thing that helped me quit!

If your a smoker thinking of or trying to quit you will know that its easier said then done and takes a few things to succeed. Firstly wanting to, determination and will power to brake the habit. 

After many attempts of giving up using lots of different things it never helped my cravings for the cigarettes. Thats until I tried vaping. 

I enjoyed smoking for the inhalation and exhalation and the calming affect it has. With the vaporiser I am still able to enjoy that feeling but without the nasty toxins that are contained within the cigarettes. 

I bought my first vape pen over a year ago and to honest i haven't looked back. Ok it took me a while to stop smoking completely however I do feel this was down to the kit I bought. As soon as i bought a new atomiser I managed to cut down a great deal. From smoking 20+ cigarettes a day to just 5, I could tell, see and feel the different between the new atomiser from the first one I bought. As weeks passed that number kept dropping, yes i had bad and good days but within four week i was cigarette free. 

Braking your daily routine is really difficult, First thing in the morning was the hardest craving I had to fight. My cigarettes were the first things I grab and sparked up while making a cup of tea. Until one morning I picked up my vaporiser and not my cigarettes next to it. This was a mile stone, breaking my routine, not having that cigarette lead to a whole day smoke free. 

Along with will power, determination and wanting to quit, do your research. I regret not doing mine which lead to me wasting £26 on a kit that didn't work for me. Go into a few different shops, online forums and even youtube. Find out a little bit about vaporisers and the brands before going ahead and buying the first one you see. 

The same goes for juices. Try out different flavours, different strengths and brands. Find the flavour that helps your craving and works for you, I find fruits flavours are the best for me. Try different strengths, The shop assistant should advise you by asking what you are currently smoking, but always ask to try before you buy. (All the places i have been have offered this) 

I have now been smoke free for over a year and have dropped nicotine strengths gradually over time. I started at 22 mg and dropped to 18 mg after 1 month, I then dropped to 12 mg  3 months later. I am still currently at this strength however my next set of juices I have are 8mg. You will know when the strength of the nicotine is to great, it will become to harsh on the throat, feeling ill and getting a head rush after a pull. 

I hope this has helped and answered a few question you may have on how to start quitting, vaporisers and Juices. 

This is my first time writing a blog post so i hope i have explained and made my story as clear as possible. 

aka Mr B

P.s Thank you to my Wife for letting me be apart of her blog and sharing my experiences and story with you all. Enjoy.


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