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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

TRESemme Beauty - Full Volume Range

Doing it back to front feels wired at first but believe it or not it works!

When I first saw the advert for the new TRESemme reverse system volume range, Im not going to lie I was sceptical. We have washed our hair all these years one way, what is swapping the products around going to do? 

I had a few quires and worries about using this new system.... Was it really going to make my hair more volumized? Is it going to make my hair fizzy? Rough? Hard to manage?

But I did it, I took the plunge...... 

I admit, it felt wired looking at the step one bottle that said conditioner but I tried not to think about it. I applied the conditioner to my mid lengths and ends and left for one minute as they suggest on the back of the bottle.

When I rinsed my hair it felt AMAZING, it was really soft, it felt just like silk. I have never felt my hair that soft and the smell of the conditioner was pretty good too. 

Then came the shampoo, i squeezed a grape sized amount into the palm of my hand. As soon as i applied the shampoo to my hair and gave it a little scrub, it lathered up quickly. I normally do two shampoos before conditioner and my hair doesn't lather up like that until the second shampoo. 

After I rinsed away the shampoo I was pleasantly surprised. It still felt silky smooth and had an apple scent.... umm

From this point i did my normal hair routine. 

I towel dried my hair and applied my Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes hair oil. I brushed though my hair with no problem and blow dried my hair. 

This is when I noticed the difference between washing my hair with my normal hair care and the TRESemme beauty full volume range. 

It definitely gave my hair volume... It wasn't limp and flat to my face like normal. It looked and felt thicker. It also felt light with a wired sensation on my scalp and roots.  It was a bazaar feeling thats all i can say, But it works. My worries were gone.

I still used my Tigi bed head soothing cream though my mid length and ends as this helps with the fly aways.

If you hair is lacking volume and life then give them ago. I love these new hair care collection by TRESemme . 

Let me know if you have used these product and what your experience was using them. 

Thanks for reading 
With Love

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Pork Farms Board Games Championships

Leading pork pie manufacturers, Pork Farms are one step closer to finding their Board Games Champion!

After a week of preliminary heats, which saw over 40 UK Micropubs participate. Pork Farms, who joined forces with the Micropub Association have announced their top-scoring winners who will be going on to the next round. The finals will be held during National Board Games Week at the end of April.  
we can now reveal the winning Micropubs heading for the semi-finals are: 
  • Anchored In Worthing, Worthing
  • One Inn The Wood, Orpington 
  • Penny Farthing, Crawford 
  • The Last Post Derbyshire, Derby 
  • Bake & Ale House, Kent 
  • Early Doors, Daventry 
I am very excited to have been invited over to the One Inn The Wood micropub in Orpington, To be apart of the board game championship celebration on Friday the 29th April. Im looking forward to playing a few games and meeting up with other Bloggers and Vloggers in and around Kent. I would love to take this moment to thank Estelle from blogging edge for inviting me.  

The Micropub landlords up and down the country have awarded their competitors with recognition for taking part in this successful campaign. The Micropubs going on to the semi-finals will be held at award-winning micropub, 'One Inn the Wood' in Orpington, Kent on April 30; to decide who goes on to the grand final later that day. 
Kim Burgess, Head of Markets for Pork Farms said: “We’d like to thank all who participated in the first round of the championships and look forward to the semi-final and grand final results.”  
With the first-round battles showcasing the quickest players and the sharpest minds officially over, Pork Farms want to thank all those who participated during the heats.  
If you would like to keep up-to-date with all the stages of the championships you can visit: 

can't wait to share my day with you during my weekly Vlog, I will also telling you what we got up to with some pictures here too.
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With Love 

Sunday, 17 April 2016

A year Of No Smoking! - Written By Mr B

Vaping was the only thing that helped me quit!

If your a smoker thinking of or trying to quit you will know that its easier said then done and takes a few things to succeed. Firstly wanting to, determination and will power to brake the habit. 

After many attempts of giving up using lots of different things it never helped my cravings for the cigarettes. Thats until I tried vaping. 

I enjoyed smoking for the inhalation and exhalation and the calming affect it has. With the vaporiser I am still able to enjoy that feeling but without the nasty toxins that are contained within the cigarettes. 

I bought my first vape pen over a year ago and to honest i haven't looked back. Ok it took me a while to stop smoking completely however I do feel this was down to the kit I bought. As soon as i bought a new atomiser I managed to cut down a great deal. From smoking 20+ cigarettes a day to just 5, I could tell, see and feel the different between the new atomiser from the first one I bought. As weeks passed that number kept dropping, yes i had bad and good days but within four week i was cigarette free. 

Braking your daily routine is really difficult, First thing in the morning was the hardest craving I had to fight. My cigarettes were the first things I grab and sparked up while making a cup of tea. Until one morning I picked up my vaporiser and not my cigarettes next to it. This was a mile stone, breaking my routine, not having that cigarette lead to a whole day smoke free. 

Along with will power, determination and wanting to quit, do your research. I regret not doing mine which lead to me wasting £26 on a kit that didn't work for me. Go into a few different shops, online forums and even youtube. Find out a little bit about vaporisers and the brands before going ahead and buying the first one you see. 

The same goes for juices. Try out different flavours, different strengths and brands. Find the flavour that helps your craving and works for you, I find fruits flavours are the best for me. Try different strengths, The shop assistant should advise you by asking what you are currently smoking, but always ask to try before you buy. (All the places i have been have offered this) 

I have now been smoke free for over a year and have dropped nicotine strengths gradually over time. I started at 22 mg and dropped to 18 mg after 1 month, I then dropped to 12 mg  3 months later. I am still currently at this strength however my next set of juices I have are 8mg. You will know when the strength of the nicotine is to great, it will become to harsh on the throat, feeling ill and getting a head rush after a pull. 

I hope this has helped and answered a few question you may have on how to start quitting, vaporisers and Juices. 

This is my first time writing a blog post so i hope i have explained and made my story as clear as possible. 

aka Mr B

P.s Thank you to my Wife for letting me be apart of her blog and sharing my experiences and story with you all. Enjoy.


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My March Favourites

My first favourites post of the year!!

I think my last favourites was back in November, November can you believe that?! So to be honest since then i have just been loving the same things with a few extras here and there.

During the month of March I bought some new items, products and clothing that I have been loving so I though I would share them with you.

Stripy Jumper

If you watch my Vlogs and main channel videos you will know I have pretty much lived in this item of clothing. It is sooooo comfy, It not fitted, looks great with a pair of jeans and is a super soft. The black stripes are the perfect thickness on the white, It isn't an overly thick material yet it isn't to thin either. It is just the perfect jumper for UK spring weather. The high neck is yet again perfect for them misleading sunny days (If you live in the UK you know what i mean) Everything about this jumper I love even down to the price. At just £14.99 from NewLook, BARGIN!! 

Brown Swede Ankle boots.

I have actually had these boots for a few months now, At just 5ft 1 (shhhhh) I need a heel to give me a few extra inches. However wearing shoes with 4inches every day isn't great for my feet. I was looking for a nice pair of brown ankle boots for the end of winter and into spring time. I love the colour, the tassel on the zip and most of all the perfect heel height. I can wear them all day walking around a shopping centre and not once thinking about me feet hurting. They are so comfy and they don't even feel like I'm wearing a heel. These boots are from Topshop, At around £35. What I can't make up my mind if they are over priced or not. Though for the amount I've worn them, how much i love them and being so comfy i think they are worth that for me personally. 

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean

If you have been following me for a while you will know that i love soap an glory products. I think they are totally under rated, their products are amazing and really reasonably priced. I haven't been using this product for long as i only bought it at the end of March just before heading to Vegas. From the first time i used it, i feel in love. It has actually converted me from using my daily detox also by soap and glory, which is also amazing and did wonders for my skin. However the peaches and clean is a deep cleansing milk yet removes make up. The removal of make up was the reason I actually pick this up, i thought it would mean one less thing to take with me on holiday. This stuff is supper soft on the skin yet it super cleansing, it makes my skin feel and look amazing. To top it all off it has made the few lumps I had on my cheeks (not spots but little bumps, I'm not entity sure what they were) go away as well. I would recommend this product to you if you haven't already tried it. 

That's How I Roll

Im fussy with mascara, I find it very difficult to find one that I love. I have long yet straight lashes and trying to find a mascara that will give me volume and keep the curl in my lashes can be quite difficult. This Barry M one ticks all the my boxes, it does exactly what it says on the tin. "specially designed brush to LIFT and CURL lashes. It lasts all day, it is a lovely constancy and hasn't irritated my eyes. There isn't much more i can say about it apart from i love it, it does what it says it does Barry M hasn't disappointed. 

Pain Au Rasin candle

OMG!!!! This candle smells D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. All yankee candles smell amazing don't they!? But this! Its like being in a bakery with hundreds of cinnamon buns cooking. Its a sweet smell yet not as sweet as some of the candles by yankee. The two smells that hit me while its burning is a sweet vanilla and cinnamon. I burn this pretty much every day, and every one that has smelt it loves it too, Even Mr B and that says a lot. This is a new favourite of mine by Yankee, I love it! It makes my house smell fantastic, what i need for living with 3 boys.

Pro Cook Knife and Knife Block

I was in need of some new knifes for ages, My old ones were so blunt it took me twice as long to cut veg then normal. When i went to Ashford outlet centre I found these lovely red knifes and knife block for just £40 by ProCook. The knifes are incredible, very sharp but they showed me how bad my old one actually were. They are really light, nice to hold and as I said really sharp so no effort is need to chop up vegetables fruit and meat. The knife block is compact and I like how there isn't any exact places for the knifes. Im so glad i decided to buy these it has made my evenings of cutting food for dinner more enjoyable and less stressful.

Theses are all the things i have been loving through the month of March, a little bit of everything. I would love to hear from you if you have or used any of these items and your thoughts on them. Or if you are thinking of heading out and buying or taking a closer look at any of them. 

Thanks for reading
with love

Friday, 8 April 2016

Munchkin Stay-In-Place Car Mirror

When I got my new car there was one thing I missed about my old one...

In my Renault there was a mirror fitted to the head lining that was perfect to keep an eye on the boys in the back seats. So when I came across the Munchkin Stay-In-Place mirror while doing my weekly shop in Asda I picked it up.

For just £9.00 I wasn't expecting it to be as good as the one fitted to my Renault but I thought I will give it a go.

I was actually pleasantly surprised. The mirror is great quality, A great size with a clear view to see what is happening in the back and most importantly its quick and easy to fit.

It comes with two attachments, one is for attaching to the back window to see A baby sitting in a rear facing seat and another for clipping to the front sun visors to see children in forward facing seats. The mirror is easily attached and detached to both of these and they are quick and easy to fit to the back window or front sun visor.

Once fitted to the window or sun visor you are still able to move the mirror into the correct position needed. With the mirror fitting being a cylinder means it pivots and rotates 360 degrees in the window and sun visor attachments.

I am really happy with my munchkin mirror purchase and would defiantly recommend it. Its a really good price and it a great way for keeping an eye on your little ones in the back.

*If you are interested in buying this mirror I have found it on Amazon for just £5.94, even cheaper*

I hope you find this useful, I would love to hear from you if you have used or thinking of getting the munchkin Stay-In-Place mirror.

Thank for reading
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