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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Randomise Game

The Randomise mission is to help you spend more quality time laughing with your friends and family

A few weeks back I received an email from Hazel, the creator of the game Randomise. She was giving me a chance to review their new game. It sounded great fun, and I couldn't wait to receive it and give it a go.

Randomise is a card game that is aimed for age 8+ for 4 or more people.

There is three different cards labeled A,B and C. Each card has 6 different words 3 hard and 3 easy. You separate into two teams and take it in turns to describe act or draw to your team. 

The opposite team will give you three random numbers (1-3) which will then give you, your new identity.

Each card is a different category, Card A describes you (happy, Hairy, Vain) Card B tells you what you are (octopus, astronaut, Lion) Card C tells you what your doing (Eating spaghetti, playing football, baking a cake)

We really enjoyed the game and found the curious identities very funny, Crazy and very random. Hence the name, Randomise!

I like that there is three ways to communicate with your team to reveal your identity. This makes it easier for your child to join in and enjoy the game as well.

The only down side to this game is there is no pencil, note pad or a timer. Seeing as part of the game is to time each turn and drawing is a way of communicating with your team. I think it would be nice if these were supplied with the game.

For £9.99 i think it is only fair that these things are included. However even if the price was lower, the game isn't really playable out of the box. Especially if bought to take when travelling in the car, train plane etc.
I also think this should be made clear on amazon incase someone buys to travel with and doesn't  look though the game/instructions before traveling.

Thank you ever so much for sending us the game Hazel. We really had a great evening playing it and look forward to playing it in A bigger team at family gatherings.

Thanks for reading
With Love 

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