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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Gro Clock

Are you having a little trouble getting your little ones to bed or are they getting up to early? 

When The Gro Company contacted me asking if I would like to try one of their products to review, I was so excited because I've herd such great things about the company and their products.

After searching though their website, the product that stood out to me was the Gro-Clock. Taylor, my eldest is quite an early bird and now that it is getting lighter earlier in the mornings meant he was getting up even earlier. 

When i received the Gro Clock i couldn't wait to set it up and see if it would help. 

A Little Bit About It

Setting it up was quick and easy with clear and easy to follow instructions to do so. You simply add in the times of your child's bedtime and when its ok to get up, and the clock does the rest. At bed time the glow screen will show a star and small stars around the outside that go out one by one during the night to show time passing. The image will then change to a Yellow sun in morning at the time set by you, to indicate its now ok to get up.

The Glo clock also has many other features that you can change. You have the options to set two wake up times (weekdays/weekends or nap times) An alarm feature and you have an option to have a digital clock during the star to sun countdown. 

The clock is suitable from 2+ and comes with a bedtime storybook which helps to encourage your child to stay in bed longer.  You can choose the brightness of the screen and the clock is mains powered. You can also lock the clock, this is a usefull feature if the clock is left in a place where the child can reach it.  

Did it help?

It sure did! Even though some mornings he wakes up before the time I have set it for he no longer gets out of bed. Some days we have herd him reading a book and 10 minutes later its gone quite where he has drifted back off to sleep and we then have to wake him up later.

I can see this clock being useful for children that hate going to bed also. My youngest now goes into Taylor's room and looks at the clock and when he sees the star he points and tells me bedtime. This looks promising for in the future when Taylor no longer needs it Freddie will be happy to have it in his room.

I love the Gro clock, its an amazing product and at just £29.99 it a brilliant price too. I also saw on The Gro Company website they had a reward chart that is free to download that may also help. 

Thank you to The Gro Company for sending me the clock to try it has made such a difference and I'm no longer being woken at silly o'clock in the mornings. 

do you have the Gro Clock? Do you have any questions? I will love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading
With Love

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