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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Our Disneyland Paris Trip

Apologises for no post last week, but after a very busy half term at Disney and returning home ill I didn't have any energy to do anything.

After keeping the Disney trip a surprise from the boys for 9 months, don't ask how i did it, It was very difficult! Sunday the 14th of February we finally got to tell them. However i didn't just want to tell them so i came up with a treasure hunt that lead them to the living room to find a box full of balloons and a note.

The boys were so excited, it took a while for it to sink in and Taylor kept saying "In the morning." His so used to waiting months for the day to arrive so letting him know we were actually going in the morning was great.

I filmed the whole thing. To have something to look back on and also to share with all of you. If you haven't yet seen it then here is the link.

This was Freddie's first trip to disney so i was worried how he was going to be with the travelling, queuing and going on the rides. There wasn't anything to be worried about, he was so good and surprised us with how patient he was and how much he enjoyed the rides.

Taylor has been two time previously and he was telling us which rides he wanted to do the most. Yet again we had no problems with him, he was just so happy to be there.

Apart from all of us coming down with a sore throat and bunged up nose from the heating system in the room, we had a lovely time.

Yes it was cold, Yes its not the most relaxing holiday but seeing the boys faces made it all worth while.

Here are a few picture that i took while we were there. 

If didn't know I weekly vlog for my youtube channel as well so i was vlogging while there. Here is the link to week 7 the Disney vlog to see what we got up to.

Are you off to Disneyland this year or thinking of booking, leave me a comment i'd love to hear from you.

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