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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Our Disneyland Paris Trip

Apologises for no post last week, but after a very busy half term at Disney and returning home ill I didn't have any energy to do anything.

After keeping the Disney trip a surprise from the boys for 9 months, don't ask how i did it, It was very difficult! Sunday the 14th of February we finally got to tell them. However i didn't just want to tell them so i came up with a treasure hunt that lead them to the living room to find a box full of balloons and a note.

The boys were so excited, it took a while for it to sink in and Taylor kept saying "In the morning." His so used to waiting months for the day to arrive so letting him know we were actually going in the morning was great.

I filmed the whole thing. To have something to look back on and also to share with all of you. If you haven't yet seen it then here is the link.

This was Freddie's first trip to disney so i was worried how he was going to be with the travelling, queuing and going on the rides. There wasn't anything to be worried about, he was so good and surprised us with how patient he was and how much he enjoyed the rides.

Taylor has been two time previously and he was telling us which rides he wanted to do the most. Yet again we had no problems with him, he was just so happy to be there.

Apart from all of us coming down with a sore throat and bunged up nose from the heating system in the room, we had a lovely time.

Yes it was cold, Yes its not the most relaxing holiday but seeing the boys faces made it all worth while.

Here are a few picture that i took while we were there. 

If didn't know I weekly vlog for my youtube channel as well so i was vlogging while there. Here is the link to week 7 the Disney vlog to see what we got up to.

Are you off to Disneyland this year or thinking of booking, leave me a comment i'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Hello Fresh Box

Recently I have recived a lot a questions form you all regarding the Hello fresh box that i get weekly. So today i thought I would write a post answering all you questions and give you a little more information about it.

When, Why and How 

Around 9 Months ago i received a leaflet with a £20 off code for a hello fresh box. I hadn't herd of this company before so i decided to check out their website to see what it was all about. My husband and I decided it was a great idea and went ahead and ordered our first box. From this moment every Tuesday morning i receive my weekly box, with fresh ingredients that make 5 scummy meals. 

The reason why we went ahead to try the hello fresh box was to get out of our dinner rut. Week in week out was spent eating the same meals, Not healthy one at that either. I was bored of cooking them and everyone was fed up eating the same things. We were hoping the hello fresh box was going to get us out of the rut and also to add more fresh veg and quality meat/ fish into our diet. 

Hello fresh have their own website where you sign up, choose the type of box you want and wait for it to be delivered. Simple, No need to spend hours in the super market working out what to buy for that weeks dinners

About Hello Fresh box

Hello fresh has four types of boxes, Classic box, Veggie box, Family box and Trial box.

Classic box - The classic box comes in two different ways. 3 meals a week for 2,3 or 4 people and 5 meals a week for 2 people (this is the box that we get) prices from £39.00

Veggie box - The veggie box comes as 3 meals a week for either 2 or 4 people. prices from £36.00

Family box - The family box comes as either 2 or 4 meals a week for 4-5 people. Prices from £39.95

Trial Box - As it says on the tin (or shall we say box) The trial box is to try hello fresh to see if you like it before signing up for a weekly delivery. This comes as a 3 meal a week for either 2 or 4 people. Prices from £42.00 

What do you get

As I've mentioned above, depending on what box you get will determine how much and what you will receive. 

It quite explanatory, family box makes meals with children in mind, veggie box you won't receive any meat or fish and the classic box meals are aimed more for adults. 

Here is this weeks box!

The meals

More information

All the food that needs to be kept cold is stored in a plastic bag wrapped in instalation with ice packs. So if your not in when its been delivered the food will be kept cold. Your delivery day is always the same and my delivery driver always seems to deliver between 11 and 2.

The thing i like about the recipe cards is that everything is made easy to read and understand. They include the time it takes to cook, however i would say that most of them take a shorter amount of time then they say. All the Ingredients are pictured what is great for when Taylor is helping me. The instructions are clear and easy. 
Even though Hello fresh is a weekly subscription you can cancel boxes by login on to your account on their website. So if you don't want to receive it every week you could cancel every other week and of course for when your away or on holiday. Yet again doing this is really quick and easy to do. 

We love everything about the hello fresh box. I can honestly say out of the 9 months we have received the box there has only been a handful of meals that haven't been to our taste. It has defiantly made me more experimental with food being able to see what we have in the fridge and cupboard and make a meal out of it.   

I hope this answered your questions and helped you make a decision if the hello fresh box is for you. 

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

VistaPrint Business Cards

After my first blogging advent a few weeks back, I decided to make myself some business cards to give out at other advents.

I searched a few different websites, however in the end I decided to go with VistaPrint. There was so many different designs, Quality of paper and finishes to the card to choose from.

Maybe to many as I couldn't actually choose between two designs.

My first design is very girly, with a pink/peach watercolour detail. I chose the card to be double sided and to be printed on a Deluxe card with a Deluxe glossy finish.

My second design is more of a stand out card. I love the Gold and Black together which goes with the theme of my home office area. I also had this card made double sided and printed on Deluxe card as well. For this card I chose to have a metallic finish which makes the gold have a foil look and shines when under light.

The VistaPrint website was very easy to use and had a lot of different features to create your business card to exactly how you want it. With many fonts to choose from, adding pictures, logos, even QR codes. The list is really endless.

So onto pricing, I'm not sure if VistaPrint was the cheapest place. I chose VistaPrint because they are well known and they had so many features to choose from.

The white and pink/peach design, cost me £48.98 for 250 cards.

The Black and Gold design card, cost me £58.98 for 250 cards also. To have the metallic finish on these cards was an extra £10. At first i was unsure if it was worth that, However Now i have them I think without it they wouldn't look as nice and flash as they do.

The cards are really good quality and will hopefully stand out and be remembered by companies that I hand them out to and work with in the feature. I found the process of making my card a good one, I was actually dreading it.

I had such a good experience and i love everything about my cards i wanted to share them with you too. So if you are thinking or needing to make a new business card i defiantly recommend VistaPrint.

Let me know which one you like the best out of my cards, and if you have used VistaPrint before and what you thought of their website and cards.

Thanks for reading

Monday, 1 February 2016

Valentines chocolate goodies

Valentines day is nearly upon us so i thought i would share with you two little chocolate treats that are quick and easy to make.

So weather you are spending Valentines day/night with your partner, friends, your children or even if your on your own these are a perfect treats to eat while your watching a film.

Mini Chocolate Hearts 

To make these you will need
*500g of chocolate
*a bowl to melt it in
*silicone shaped mould (as it valentines day i used hearts)
*decorations (i used sprinkles and sugar hearts)

 *fill your moulds up with your decorations
 * Melt the chocolate in the bowl inside a pan with a little water (just so it covers the base of the bowl)
* Once melted pour the chocolate into the moulds on top of the decorations. 

* Then place in the fridge till set. 


Chocolate Bark 

To makes these you will need
*500g of chocolate in 2 types (500g each)
*A bowl to melt it in
*Baking tray 
*decorations (i used sprinkles and sugar hearts)

* Melt the base chocolate in the bowl inside a pan with a little water (just so it covers the base of the bowl)

* Pour the chocolate into the baking tray, then put in the fridge to set.

* Melt the top layer of chocolate in the bowl inside the pan

* Once the base chocolate is set then pour the top layer on top and spread. (Be quick, so the base chocolate doesn't melt)

* Before putting into fridge to set top with the decorations you have chosen.

If you make these treats i would love to see them, so please feel free to tag me on Instagram, Twitter Facebook or even Pinterest.

Thanks for reading and happy cooking
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