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Sunday, 17 January 2016

My New Year Goals and Resolutions

Last year was the first year that i decided to make myself new year resolutions and goals, even though some i didn't start until around May time i did finally get round to making them all happen. So this year there was no doubt in my mind that i wasn't going to set myself some more for 2016.

So here we are,

1.  Eat Breakfast

To be honest i can't remember the last time i sat down and had a bowl of cereal in the morning. My breakfast is normally A cup of tea and some biscuits while editing or writing a blog post. Tut tut. So in 2016 my plan is to eat something in the morning, Healthy. Biscuits don't count! Weather its a yogurt, toast or a piece of fruit. That leads me on the number 2.

2. Eat more fruit

How many people can sit there and actually say they have there 5 fruit and veg a day, every day. I know i can't. 2016 is my year to eat more fruit, and hoping this will come in with my first goal. My plan is to start making smoothies, Actually having time to sit down and eat breakfast on a week day is impossible but chucking fruit yogurt,water or milk into a blender is. This is where I'm hoping to get my fruit and veg up to the daily intake they recommend. 

3. Go to bed earlier

After a long manic day, having dinner and cleaning the kitchen I finally get to sit down and relax. However at the moment i find I'm actually sitting on the computer either editing or writing posts, Before i know it, its 11pm . This has to stop! Not only am i sitting there working, I'm not spending quality time with Mr B, Im straining my eyes and my head is so active that when I finally go to bed it takes me ages to get to sleep. To make this possible that then takes me to number 4.

4. Get more organised

I now get a longer period during the day to write post make and edit my videos now that Freddie attends nursery for three days a week. Meaning that i need to get more organised and do what i need to do during the school hours so that when the kids and Mr B are home we get our family time back.  

5. Drink more Water

Im not a big drinker and after reading and watching so many healthy eating, living blogs and vlogs I have decided that i need to drink more water. To help me do this i have bought a bottle with measurements going up the side to help you drink the recommended amount. Hopefully I will notice the difference to my skin energy and mood. 

6. Scrapbooking

2015 went so fast, and during the year we did so many things, went to amazing places and of course the boys growing up. For 2016 i want to make a book of everything we do, to have something to look back on in 2017 and remember what amazing year we had. I think sometimes we take life for granted and sometimes its nice to sit down and look back. This is also another reason i decided to start weekly volleying on my Youtube channel. Unfortunately children don't remember everything, do you remember every present, holiday, outing you went on as a child? I can't, so having something for my boys to look back on to see what they did this year will be lovely. 

7. Meet new people

Thanks to this large internet world, i have meet some lovely people that i talk to on a regular bases. In 2016 I want to make it my goal to meet up with as many of them as i can. Most of the lovely ladies I talk to are mummies as well, so I'm hoping during half terms, summer holidays we can make plans and go on a few outings. 

8. Work Out

Im 26 but chasing a lively nearly 3 year old around soft play / park i realise how unfit i actually am. I am wanting to be able to do a workout every morning. 1, to make me fitter 2, wake me up and give me a energy boost and 3, hopefully this will help with my over goals and resolutions. Do you see where 2016 is going for me...... 

go to bed earlier to get up do a work out, drinking water to keep me hydrated, Making my hungry for breakfast giving me the energy boost to keep me going to get things done during the day, organising

9. Save Money

Saving money when you are a Blogger and Vlogger is quite difficult. You want to buy new things that have come on to the market to try and give you review on it. I enjoy trying new products and being able to share my opinions on it with you is a plus. However the first few months of the year i need to save for our holidays. We are heading to disney in February and Las Vegas in March, so spending money is accentual.

10. Do more as A family

If you watch my vlogs then you will notice Mr B isn't in them that much, and mostly because he works long hours. (other reason camera shy) We own our own business so even sometime when his home at 6pm he still need to do banking and paper work. However Sundays are his days off, so 2016 we have said Sundays are our family days. Thats a family day outside. even though Sundays in 2015 were family days they were spent indoors. I want to change this for 2016, i want to go out and do more things together. Weather its to the park, walk down the beach, swimming it doesn't have to be much or cost an arm or a leg just outside getting fresh air and wearing the kids out :) 

11. One on One time

Freddie can be a handful some times and he and Taylor are two very different personalities. Freddie is load and out there and attention grabbing, Taylor on the other hande is quite and placid and very independent so he will just go up to his room and play lego, xbox or read. Now that Freddie attends nursery for three whole days this helps me with getting thing done during the day but also spending one on one time with Taylor. Unfortunately because Freddie is so demanding its hard to give Taylor my time when his around. So from the time i pick taylor up from school till having to pick Freddie up I'm want to do something or take Taylor somewhere or even just sit and have quite time to talk.

Finally number 12

I just want to carry on making good content for you all to read and watch in 2016. Blogging and Vlogging is actually my first hobby I have had since I was around 16. I enjoy making videos and writing my thoughts for you all to read. Its not easy, trying to film edit think of new fresh ideas with a busy family life but i enjoy. So for 2016 i just want to keep enjoying it, you all still enjoying reading and watch my content and having more people join my Internet family by following my life here, Youtube and Instagram.  

Let me know if you have any goals or resolutions for 2016 and please follow and subscribe to follow us on our 2016 journey. 

Thanks for reading 

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