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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Lapland Uk Review

When I posted my last Vlogmas video I got quite a few questions and requests for more information on Lapland UK. Unfortunately I wasn't sure when I would be able to upload a video on it as i already have so many other videos organised to share with you. However I definitely wanted to answer the questions you asked and give you a bit more information, so here it is.

From the moment we got to Lapland UK the kids were entertained and were made to feel really special. You wait in A tent until your tour time begins, where there is tables and benches and a cafe that sells refreshments and snacks. Believe it or not things warn't over priced, like you normally find when you go to places like this.

While you wait you check in with kind, happy, jolly elfs that interact with your children. The elf gives the children their elf passports telling them they collect stamps throughout the day and not to lose it because this is what santa looks though before you meet him.

You also collect your elf jingles at this point. When you buy anything though your travels in lapland you use these instead of £s. However they do have card machines in the shops incase you run out.

There is an elf walking around interacting with the children getting them to join in skipping in a circle and singing. Which kept them entrained while you waited for your tour to begin.

You first go through a woodland tunnel covered in light and this is where it start to become magical. You meet your first two woodland Elfs that tell you a little story about elf, lapland and mr and mrs clause.

The woodland elfs then open the magical door into Lapland with a rhyme which is in the Childs Elf passport. As you have been sitting in the little woodland forest, which is actually just apart of the tent at the beginning. It is covered in lights and with around 50 people in this small space it gets quite warm. So as soon as they open the magical door into Lapland you can really feel the cold.

Everything is beautiful the trees and ground are covered in snow, this is where your trip round Lapland begins.

You begin with helping the elfs in the toy factory making teddies and wooden horses. Followed with a short walk though the snowy forest to get to mother christmas's house to decorate gingerbread houses and have a story. You then get to make your way to Elf village where there is a an ice rink  a place to get something to eat, yet again reasonably priced and the food is AMAZING too. (i'll put all prices at the bottom) A Shop that sell toys, teddies home things etc, A sweet shop, A post office to post a letter to santa, and a foundry where they make magic keys and tree decorations.

You are at Elf village for around an hour and a half so plenty of time to get something to eat, Ice skate and look around the shops.

On the back of you elf passport is the time when you can start making your way to santa. You see the elf at the meeting spot (which is the way to see santa) They check the time on your passport and tell you to follow the path. There was NO QUE!!

The path is about 500 meters long, up and down hills though a lovely snowy woodland with a bridge, a few elf houses, reindeers and of course Santa's slay. You then get to a little wooden hut, which has log seats and elfs talking to the children before you have your own elf that comes and calls your child's name and takes you on our way to meet Santa.

Santa was BRILIANT, he is exactly what you imagine santa to be like. He welcomes the children in telling them to sit down, talks to them about all the things you told them on the form you filled out when you pay for you tickets.

We also told the Elf in the hut (that checks all the details they have are correct) about Puck our elf on the shelf and i don't know how or when they gave him the message but he mentioned him to the boys. *MAGIC*

He checks to see if they are on the good list and shows their name in the book and then passes them a toy each. You don't feel rushed at anytime, it is a truly magical experience.

Lapland is Amazing and we are definitely going to be returning next year and for many more.  If you are looking for a magical christmas, meeting an actual santa that looks, sound and acts like santa then this is the place to go.

I can't tell you how many times my eyes whelmed up with the look of surprise and excitement on Taylor's face.

Lapland makes your experience simply magical with the invitations from santa inviting you, the day and also letter from santa to put out on christmas eve.

More information on Lapland UK

£1 = 1 Elf Jingle.
Boots to ice skate are FREE.
Family of four - 35 jingles for food and drinks at the elf village cafe.
You can NOT take picture with santa as they do this but you can film.
Picture £15 each or three for £30 and can download off the website they give you in 24 hours.

Prices are from £45- £89.50 per person plus booking fee (Booking fees are charged by SEE tickets)

If you have any other questions please leave them down below. Also if you haven't seen week 4 of Vlogmas that contains the footage from Lapland Uk then you can follow this link -
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