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Monday, 21 December 2015

Trolley Bags

How annoying is it when your half way around the supermarket and realise YET again you have left your plastic bags at home. Please tell me its not just me!?... 

Seeing as I have now spent several 5p's on plastic bags I have decided to invest in these amazing Trolley Bags.

I actually found these when searching though my Instagram feed and Trolley Bags had put an ad there. I decided to click on it and have a read and see how they worked and most importantly how much they were. 

I couldn't believe I hadn't came across them sooner, as there is so many places that sell them. However the cheapest place to buy them from was Trolley Bags themselves with both being £17.99 

So a little bit about them, they are a four piece set that roll into a neat velcro fastened package. They can hook onto the trolley so they are out of the way while you are shopping. They are available in two sizes meaning they fit perfectly into the large and shallow trolleys.

When the bags are unrolled they sit perfectly within the trolley and rest on the sides. This then gives you four open and upright separate bags to pack and sort your shopping out with both hands. 

Once back at the car, you just separate each bag across the velcro and lift each one individually into the boot in seconds. They are easy to lift with sturdy handles and made out of strong netting and material. This means they're not going to brake and snap like the other plastic bags do.

Once back at home and unpacked it only takes a minute to join them all back together ready for your next shopping trip. 

Now on to forget them, to be honest since I have bought and started using them i haven't forgotten them once. I don't know if it still the excitement of using them (sad i know) Or Where I keep them rolled up sitting by my front door Or the bright multi colours that remind me before I leave. What ever it is I'm no longer having to spend 5p's on the horrible plastic bags. Which lets face it, there not a bag for life anyway.  

I thought I would just share my recent find and love with the Trolley Bags with you. Let me know if you have them or if your thinking about getting them.

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