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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Kids Christmas Eve Box

As I have mentioned so many times here and on my YouTube channel. I wanted to make this christmas more magical then I have in previous years. Freddie is now at the ages that he is starting to understand it all and I know there isn't many years left with Taylor believing.

As some of you may already know if you watch my videos and read the post, this year we are joined by an elf on the shelf. As Christmas Eve is the last full day the elf will be with us before heading back to the north pole with Santa, I thought he could bring the boys a little present.

I have seen so many people talking about Christmas Eve boxes at first I didnt know what it was all about. However after I read and watched a few videos I thought it was a really nice idea. On Christmas Eve we normally just relax and watch christmas films and get ready for the fun filled day ahead. So that gave me a few ideas of what to put in there and after reading a few other blogs they gave me ideas as well.

I decided to just get one box, as most of the things in there they will be sharing anyway and the other things are the same so they couldn't fight over them. So today i thought i would share the things I'm putting in their box, and this may give you a few different ideas. I hope you like them....


After their christmas eve bath they can snuggle up in their fresh christmas theme pjs. Also they will look nice in the pictures/videos in the morning opening their presents.

A Christmas Book

I have decided to get the night before christmas as this years book to put in their box, but there is so many christmas books to choose from.  I just thought it was the perfect story to read to them before bed, that will make there imagination go wild. 

Christmas DVD

A perfect way to end the day to sit down as a family and watch a christmas theme film. Christmas eve wouldn't be christmas eve without a classic christmas movie to get you in the christmas spirt.

Magic Key 

If your house is like ours and doesn't have a chimney, you could add in a magic key. I found our key on amazon and the reason I bought this was because of the rhyme on the tag. Last year Taylor asked why it didn't actually fit in the lock so i thought this was perfect.  

Reindeer Food

We normally leave carrots for the reindeers, but when i found this i thought it was just another brilliant idea. I think we will leave carrots as well as the reindeers are working all night and they need lots of food :) 

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

Hot chocolate is one of my favourite winter drinks and this year my boys have been enjoying it too.  curl up as a family with a hot chocolate, in your christmas pjs under a cover watching a christmas film. Perfect!  


A new christmas theme mug/cup/beaker to use for your hot chocolate just adds that extra christmas feeling. Then in the new year your children can carry on using it as their hot chocolate cup to remind them of there magical christmas eve. 

Popcorn, Sweetie and Goodies

Turn off the lights, have a bucket of popcorn a bag of sweet and a pot of crisps it will just be like being at the cinema.

Christmas Theme Bath Bomb/Melt

Having a mummy that is LUSH mad, that can only mean one thing. A christmas eve bath with a dashing santa bath bomb to make there bath all glittery and magical. 

Activity Pack

Having these in the christmas eve box could be a good idea for many reasons. Christmas eve when your trying to get them last minute jobs done. For younger ones that don't always sit though a film could sit and colour instead. Also if you have to travel to family and friends over the holiday this could be ideal for the children in the back of the car.


A cracker, my boys like to pull crackers so i thought i would also add one in here too. Maybe you could all pull the cracker at dinner time or even save them for christmas day.

Decorating cookies set

Another activity that i thought would be nice to do as a family during the day or after dinner.You could then leave one out for santa.

Letter from Santa / Elf

I will be having a letter from our scout elf in our christmas eve box but if you don't have a elf you could put a letter from santa.

Finally I am putting all of this in this box that i found in B&M for £3.99. It is really strong for the price, it has poppers to pop it altogether. This means you can dismantle after christmas eve and keep it and reuse it again next year. 

Head over to my youtube channel and watch my video to find out where and how much all these thing were that are going into the box.

Thanks for reading

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