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Monday, 9 November 2015

Christmas Book Review

A few weeks back i was in Morrisons doing my weekly shop when i walked past a cardboard temporary bookshelf. You know the ones, They are normally in the middle of the isle making it difficult for two trolleys to pass without hitting one another.

I don't normally stop and look to see what is in them, however this day a book caught my eye. I stopped, picked it up and read a few pages. It bought a smile to my face so i had to get it.

Its a lovely book an ideal story to read to your child/ren before bed on Christmas eve. It's a traditional christmas eve story told in a wonderful rhyme with a few modern touches. The illustrations are really beautiful, very colourful and nicely detailed.

The blurb (writing on the back of the book) say's "Santa can't visit until you're fast asleep, So snuggle down and read what happens on Christmas Eve when things don't quite go to plan.  Find out what happens to Santa on Christmas Eve when he has trouble with his sleigh and is late arriving to your house! 

I bought the Kent version of this book, which mentions many different towns around Kent. It feels very personal which makes the child able to relate to the story.

There are many versions of this book, with many cities within the UK, Ireland and a few U.S as well. These can be found on the authors website 

This book is one of the best christmas stories I have found for children in a very long time. How my boys reacted when i read it to them, i would say they agree.

My eight year old kept saying thats near us, when i read out the towns. My two and a half year old sat nicely listening and pointing to the colourful pictures.

This book is brilliant for a range of ages, I have found Taylor a few times sitting reading the book to Freddie. Super cute!

Let me know if you have got this or thinking about getting this book and what version you will be getting.

Thanks for reading 

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