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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Snapfish Calendar Review

When Snapfish contacted me and asked if I would like to create a personalised calendar. I was so excited and couldn't wait to start creating it.

I visited there website straight away, where I found Four different types of calendars, with many sizes and themes to choose from. Different backgrounds, Layouts and Titles is just the start of your personalised calendar. Being able to edit your own pictures zooming in and out, changing from colour to black and white and sepia with many more to choose from. There is red eye corrector, being able to change the brightness and flip and rotate your pictures

After all that, there is also another brilliant feature on the classic wall calendars. You can personalise special dates not only with captions but with photos as well. This is a great way to remember birthday, anniversaries and holidays.  What is much nicer and easier then having to write them all in when it arrives. Meaning your able to hang it and start enjoying your new personalised calendar straight away.

They're a great gift for family, friends and of course for treating yourself. I decided to do two calendars for different rooms in my house, using different styles and different themes.

The first calendar i created was the desk calendar, in a very girlie pink theme. What i wanted to match but stand out in my working space. I used pictures from a recent photoshoot of my boys and I, Some I kept in colour, others I changed to monochrome and sepia. I also changed up the pink background and the photo layout thought the calendar.

My second calendar I created to hang in my kitchen. I used older and natural family photos, using the seasonal theme backgrounds. Yet again I used the different effects to change up the pictures. As this was one of the classic calendars I was able to add in my special dates. For this I used some of my own pictures and others I copied off of google images and upload to Snapfish. 


My calendars turned up in separate packaging and different days however both arrived within a week. The calendars were in a "do not bend" Snapfish envelope to keep them in the best possible quality.  

The price of these calendars are very affordable, you can tell snapfish use the best possible paper, card and equipment to create them. I am so pleased with my calendars, the pictures are really clear even the ones I used form google. 

If you are struggling to think of a gift for a family member or friend this christmas Snapfish could be your conclusion. With so many different products to choose from there is something for everyone.


Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Elf On The Shelf

The Elf On The Shelf is a little scout elf that is sent to you from santa, The reason why, How and When is down to you. The elf is nameless and it is down to you to name him/her, once you have named your elf they receive their magic.  This allows the elf to fly to and from the North Pole to report to Santa the activities, good and bad, that have taken place throughout the day.

The book and dvd are a great way for the children to understand what the elf is all about. As they both state "There's only one rule that you have to follow, so I will come back and be here tomorrow: Please do not touch me. My magic might go, and Santa won't hear all I've seen or I know." 

Although the children are told not to touch their scout elf, they can talk to it and tell it all their Christmas wishes. The story ends on Christmas eve with the elf leaving to stay with Santa and returns again next year. 

I have made a few decision on how the Elf is going to arrive and what our elf will be like (mischievous) I have come up with places around the house where the elf will take place and also some funny and mischievous pranks that we will wake up to. 

I bought the Elf on the shelf, the book and dvd from Amazon. All three were sold separately so if you don't want the book or dvd you don't have to. However they are a good way of explaining what the elf is all about. I do recommend the dvd for younger children as i find seeing it will give them a better understanding than the book. The reason I bought all three was so that the following year I can just read the book when he returns. 

In December I will be doing Vlogmas! So head over to my youtube channel to see what we get up to, and of course see what our elf gets up to :) Don't forget to hit that subscribe button.


Monday, 9 November 2015

Christmas Book Review

A few weeks back i was in Morrisons doing my weekly shop when i walked past a cardboard temporary bookshelf. You know the ones, They are normally in the middle of the isle making it difficult for two trolleys to pass without hitting one another.

I don't normally stop and look to see what is in them, however this day a book caught my eye. I stopped, picked it up and read a few pages. It bought a smile to my face so i had to get it.

Its a lovely book an ideal story to read to your child/ren before bed on Christmas eve. It's a traditional christmas eve story told in a wonderful rhyme with a few modern touches. The illustrations are really beautiful, very colourful and nicely detailed.

The blurb (writing on the back of the book) say's "Santa can't visit until you're fast asleep, So snuggle down and read what happens on Christmas Eve when things don't quite go to plan.  Find out what happens to Santa on Christmas Eve when he has trouble with his sleigh and is late arriving to your house! 

I bought the Kent version of this book, which mentions many different towns around Kent. It feels very personal which makes the child able to relate to the story.

There are many versions of this book, with many cities within the UK, Ireland and a few U.S as well. These can be found on the authors website 

This book is one of the best christmas stories I have found for children in a very long time. How my boys reacted when i read it to them, i would say they agree.

My eight year old kept saying thats near us, when i read out the towns. My two and a half year old sat nicely listening and pointing to the colourful pictures.

This book is brilliant for a range of ages, I have found Taylor a few times sitting reading the book to Freddie. Super cute!

Let me know if you have got this or thinking about getting this book and what version you will be getting.

Thanks for reading 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My Baby Is Growing Up

So for all you mums out there, you will understand when i say when your youngest reaches two things happen and change so quickly, your left feeling quite empty. They become this little person that is gaining confidence and independence and you wonder to yourself where has the time gone.

Over the past few months it has felt that Freddie has gone from this clingy mummies boy to an independent person. His loving nursery, Making new friends, Entertaining himself and Trying really hard to communicate.

This weekend has been another emotional one, for me anyway. We decided it was time to move Freddie from his small nursery to the larger spare bedroom. Over the past week we have been decorating and moving furniture around and finally Sunday night it was finished. I love how the room looks, I have tried to go Pinterest inspired, boyish room. I wanted it to be something he would be able to grow into but not making it to grown up, I still wanted that baby feel.

I'm waiting on a few finishing off items and need to get a few furniture bits, When its complete i'll post pictures and do a room tour on my channel.

While decorating his room I thought about changing Freddie's cot into the bed. I didn't want him to be unsettled the first night in a new room, But i thought maybe new room new bed. I kept changing my mind over the week, "No i'll keep him in the cot till he's settled, I think i'll put him in a bed." Backward and forwards it was driving me mad. In the end i choose to change his cot into the bed.

At first Freddie was excited, he liked how he could get on and off himself, He got in and out the covers making the bed each time. This looked promising, I got him ready for bed and gave him his milk and sat him in the bed and we read a book. Freddie seemed to be calm relaxed and happy which made me feel more at ease.

We finished reading and now was the time Freddie became unsettled and a little nervous. We gave kisses to Daddy and Taylor as we do every night, normally i would put him down in his cot and he would grab his Hippo comforter and noo noo (dummy) give me a kiss and then put his head down.

I sat him on the bed, Lay down i said patting the pillow No! he told me. I tried to give him his hippo to which he replied with No! "noo noo" i asked holding out his dummy, No!

Umm i was now unsure i was making the right decision, I decided to get in the bed and lay down. lay down with mummy i said, again he told me No! I decided to carry on laying there and didn't say anything. After a minute or so Freddie grabbed his Hippo and noo noo and laid next to me.

I got the quilt and put it over him and I laid there a few minutes more. I slowly got out of the bed so i didn't unsettle him and kissed him on the forehead. I walked out of the room and closed the door a little, I stood outside by the door expecting him to follow but he didn't.

After ten minutes i went back upstairs to check him and he was fast asleep, mission complete.

During the course of the evening i kept going in to check on him, he looked so sweet in his bed but yet so grown up.

I definitely think this was the right time for him, he was ready i don't know why i was so worried.

I wasn't sure if i was leaving it to late or i was putting him in a bed to young. I tried to think back to how old Taylor was, I think he was around the same age as Freddie.

Let me know what age your little ones were when you put them in a bed or if your worried like I was. Not knowing if or how they will react. be nice to hear your stories.

Thanks for reading

Here are a few photos we have taken during the week, as you can see his very happy with his new bed. :)

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