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Friday, 25 September 2015


Welcome Everyone!

I was umming and ahhing on how to start my new creative space. If you haven't come over form my YouTube you won't know that much about me. So as i have a few spare minutes i thought i would start by telling you about myself and my life.

From the title of my blog you probably have worked out that my name is Serena and Christina is my middle name. I am 26 years old married and a stay at home mum to my two boys Taylor and Freddie. 

I was welcomed into the world at 6.30am on Wednesday 6th of September 1989 after making my mum wait two weeks after her due date. 

I was an only child for five years until my brother was born. Me and my brother don't have the same dad but we are still close. I remember having a good childhood and all the fun times i had were mostly with him. 

School was ok, i struggled quite a lot and wasn't really given the help or the encouragement i probably needed. Secondary school was where i hoped i was going to grow and make new friends, this is where my life changed, and made me the person i am today.

The first few years were good I made new friends and enjoyed spending time with them during and after school. After the summer holidays going back to year 10 things changed, There was new friendship groups, people had moved up or down sets, and starting our GCSE options. I found things to become very different, It felt like i was starting secondary school all over again. From this point i hated school i didn't want to go, I didn't feel i had the security i had in the previous years. The girls had become bitchy, fighting over boys, picking on what everyone looked like, the clothes people wore. I sort of kept out of most of it and kept my head down and didn't get involved. Unfortunately on some occasions things did come my way, I just separated myself because that was the only way i knew how to deal with it. 

Half way though year 10 I found myself having a boyfriend, and I put my own world on hold. I stopped dancing, I stopped spending time with my friends, and this resorted to me no longer being invited to parties, nights out and sleepovers. I didn't care I wanted to spend every moment with him, I sat in lessons day dreaming and writing love letters and not playing any attention to the lesson. 

Looking back i feel i wasted my last years of school and regreat quite a lot of my choices i made back then, one mostly being my results.  

wow that was deep! I might write in more depth about that part of life another time because there is lots I've left out. 

Now on to happy memories ! 

Taylor was born on the 1st of March 2007 and he paid me back for my late arrival with him being two weeks late also, sorry mum! I was just seventeen when i had Taylor, i always said i wanted to be a young mum, I thought it was going to be easy. I love kids how hard can it be, i remember saying to my mum when i told her i was pregnant. 

Haha, Yeh right i was soon proved wrong again and spent 2 1/2 years pulling my hair out. Honestly, it wasn't to bad and i loved every minute of it. Of course it came with challenging times, the judgment and people staring. 

Hearing people whispering saying i was to young to have a baby and that i blearily knew how to look after myself let alone a baby. This is when it hit me that i had to show people that i was more then a teen mum sitting at home claiming off the government. Even though that wasn't the case but thats what everyone assumed and some still do to this day. 

I managed to get myself into a collage to study again and Taylor into a nursery where he could be with other children. I studied for two years and succeeded and received my first proper qualification NVQ 2 and 3 in hairdressing. 

I felt like a human again not just a mummy, I finally did something for myself and cor it felt good. 

The following year me and Mr B got married, it was such a brilliant day that 4 years on everyone is still talking about it. A year later we finally decided to have another baby, and I had Freddie in 2013. After taylor making me go though induction Freddie was 2 days early and couldn't wait to come into the world. Freddie was born the 2nd February 2013. 

Since having Freddie i have wanted to find something that i could do from home so i wasn't having to work long hours in a hair salon on my feet all day. Thats when I found the Vloggers on youtube, and spent hours watching them. I loved how they showed people their lives and talking about their life experiences, what they bought and been loving, giving advice. I loved it and wanted to try it myself, i set up my channel got twitter and Instagram, and did nothing.

I made several videos edited them all ready to upload and couldn't. I was to nervous, i didn't want to deal with mean things people where saying to the bigger Youtubers and spent many months thinking about it. Finally i did it, i uploaded my first video. Ok its not the best quality, i had a cheap camera and the using movie maker to edit and I made my thumbnail in paint. 

Im so happy i did it because this is the first thing in three years that i have enjoyed. So your probably thinking why are you starting a blog. Well I love taking pictures, and with a blog i thought i would be able to share thing i love and done with photos. 

As you can tell from this post i can talk for England, so this will be more a picture based blog, of course i will write something but not as much as this.  I hope you enjoyed this little intro post, just a little something for you all to get to know me :)

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Thanks for reading



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